Angus Young’s Disadvantage With Women

AC/DC guitarist Angus Young has been married to his wife, Ellen, since 1980. The couple has maintained a low-profile relationship and managed to keep their private life out of the public eye. Despite his fame and success in the rock ‘n’ roll world, Angus remained quite reserved when it came to his romantic life.

On the other hand, before settling down with Ellen, Young was not known for having a long list of romantic relationships. His unique look and style as the schoolboy guitarist of AC/DC may have played a role in this. It’s possible that his appearance led to a skewed perception of him, making it difficult for potential romantic partners to take him seriously or see him in a different light. At least, that’s what he thought.

Wanting to disclose this topic, in a 2020 interview with Total Guitar, the guitarist opened up about his experiences with women and how his schoolboy look has affected his interactions with them. He spoke candidly about the influence of his late bandmate Bon Scott and shared some insight into his own experiences with women.

Before anything else, he revealed that his late bandmate carried the soul of a teenager accompanied by useful advice, which helped him learn in life. However, learning was not always enough since there was a small problem; the two band members were quite different from each other.

According to the guitarist, while he had some ‘wild nights’ back then, he was not chosen as much as his friends because of his schoolboy image. Women would unlock their maternal instincts around him, straining his love life and prompting him to focus on his music.

In the conversation, Young recounted the past days by saying:

“Bon joined us pretty late in his life [he was 28 at the time], but that guy had more youth in him than people half his age. That was how he thought, and I learned from him. Bon used to say to me, ‘Whatever I do, you don’t.’

Oh, I had a few wild nights over the years, but most of the time, everyone else was having them for me. Because of the schoolboy uniform, some women have tried to mother me – they think I’m cute because I’m so short. But playing has always been the thing for me.”

Still, the musician’s appearance didn’t prevent him from encountering many women throughout his career. The problem was that although he met a lot of girls, and some of them even made bold remarks to him, most of them did not seem to want to ‘go home with him.’ He believed that his style was a barrier to forming romantic connections with potential partners.

His words on the matter read:

“I never really looked beyond the next gig. In the early days, all my mates used to say to me, ‘You must be meeting loads of girls…’ Well yeah, I used to meet plenty of girls, but none of them used to want to go home with me.

Some women would come up and make, er, bold statements, but I don’t know why. There’s nothing sexy about a schoolboy, is there?”

While his style might have made it difficult for him to form relationships with women, it became a big symbol for AC/DC. With the band arranging performances with every given chance and getting ready to record a new album, we sure will see the guitarist in that uniform for many years to come.