The True Story Of Grace McKagan, The Daughter Of Duff McKagan From Guns N’ Roses


Following two failed marriages with Mandy Brixx and Linda Johnson, Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan found true love when he met model, fashion designer, and television personality Susan Holmes. The couple tied the know in 1999 and have pursued a very happy and passionate relationship since then. They have two daughters, Grace Elizabeth and Mae Marie McKagan, who chose similar careers to their parents’.

There’s no doubt that the musician and model’s fans wanted to know some details about their personal lives and careers. They mainly wondered whether they would continue to follow their steps or decide to live a life far away from the blinding lights of Hollywood and the music industry, of course. So, let’s learn more things about McKagan and Holmes’ eldest child, Grace, along with her life and career.

The Details From Grace McKagan’s Life


As the daughter of a rock star and model, Grace McKagan was born to be an artist and showed that she was a naturally gifted one in her various projects over the years. In one of her previous interviews, she revealed that she has been singing to her family since she was three years old. Then years later, Grace wished to show her extraordinary talent as a singer and songwriter not only to her parents and sister but also to the whole world.

In 2013, when she was sixteen years old, she started to front the synth-punk band The Pink Slips, which drew great attention with their original style and music. A few years ago, she left the band and decided to focus on her career as a solo musician. McKagan released her debut single entitled ‘Surrender’ on December 9, 2020. It received very positive reviews from music critics and rock music lovers. It was followed by ‘So Lucky,‘ ‘So Hyper,’ ‘One You Love,’ and ‘Baby That’s Rock N Roll.’

Grace McKagan listed the Kills, Peaches, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Nine Inch Nails as musical influences, so her music is a mixture of those bands that are different from each other. McKagan’s songs and music videos were appreciated and admired a lot, and it’s not surprising that Grace will be as successful as her father. Also, she’s fortunate to have a supportive family since the beginning of her professional musical career.

Here’s what Duff McKagan said about his beloved marriage and his daughters:

“The girls look up to Susan. Because we’re a married couple in love, they see that. I’m sure they’ve seen us work out stuff through the times of them growing up; they see, like, ‘Ok, this is like a solid relationship.’ I think they aspire to that.”

According to the Guns N’ Roses bassist, Grace witnessed her parents’ healthy and long relationship as a married couple in love while she was growing up. Therefore, she could understand how to form a solid romantic affair like her father and mother.