Bruce Springsteen Admits Refusing To Sing With Well-Known Vocalists

Teaming up with other rockers might be fun, but Bruce Springsteen seems to think differently. Recently, while chatting with NPR, the singer discussed why he had refused to collaborate with numerous well-known figures and why he is self-conscious about his vocal style.

As Bruce is getting ready for another tour with his beloved E Street Band, there are, for sure, plenty of names who want to collaborate and sing along with him on a new project. However, Springsteen is not as enthusiastic about singing with other rockers, even when they might be as established as the singer.

“All the time, you know,” Springsteen said as he answered if there were any vocalists he was intimidated to work with. “I’m always very self-conscious about my voice. I’ve been asked in the past to sing with a variety of different well-known vocalists. Very often, I’ll say no.”

He then discussed why he would refuse to collaborate with other singers. The rocker shared, “I’ll say, ‘I have no business whatsoever singing on a mic next to you.’ I will just come out and tell them why I’m going to say no, and I’ve done that on several occasions.”

Even though various popular names wanted to work with Springsteen, the rocker didn’t want to sing along with anyone because he was aware of the tone of his voice. So, he just wanted to mind his own business and do his own thing in the studio by himself. In the end, even though collaborations might sound exciting, Bruce’s not going to take his chances on working with another name.