Bruce Springsteen Invites Everyone To Support Ukrainians Who Were Displaced Globally

E Street Band’s Bruce Springsteen recently posted a tweet to support Ukrainian refugees. In the tweet, he invited his followers to stand up for Ukraine and for those who are displaced globally.

The world has been watching the tragedy of war surrounding Ukraine for months. As bombs pour upon them like rain, the Ukrainians try to shelter themselves in metro stations or bunkers. While many of them choose to stay in their country, mostly women and children try to migrate to other parts of the world as refugees.

Global Citizen has recently organized a ‘Stand Up For Ukraine’ social media rally to draw attention to this issue. It is designed to raise awareness about Ukrainian refugees and raise funds to aid them and other war refugees. Many music icons show support for the campaign — such as Eddie Vedder, Elton John, Celine Dion, and Bruce Springsteen.

In his recent tweet, Bruce Springsteen posted a video message for his followers about Global Citizen’s ‘Stand Up For Ukraine’ campaign. In the video, he asked his fans to support the campaign and stand up for refugees that struggle worldwide.

In the tweet, Springsteen also captioned his speech in the video. He stated that refugees in Ukraine and other parts of the world need our help. Springsteen then asked his followers to join him and E Street Band to stand up for the people who are displaced globally, as everyone deserves humane living conditions.

Bruce Springsteen’s tweet read:

“Refugees in Ukraine and around the world need our help now. Join all of us on E Street and Global Citizen as we Stand Up For Ukraine and stand up for those displaced globally because everyone deserves safe and humane living conditions.

You can check out the tweet below.