Rick Allen Says He Stopped Comparing Himself To How He Used To Play

Def Leppard recently shared a ‘Monday Motivation’ post on their official Instagram account. The post featured a clip from an interview their drummer Rick Allen gave two years ago on Howard Stern’s show. In the interview, the drummer states how he keeps playing drums despite his amputated left arm.

Six years after joining Def Leppard and living his best rock and roll life, drummer Rick Allen had a horrible accident. In 1984, the musician crashed his car at high speed, and the seatbelt cut off his left arm. The doctors stitched it back but had to amputate it later due to an infection.

Not having a second arm was inconvenient for the drummer, but the band found a way to reunite with Rick Allen two years after the accident. The band converted Allen’s drum set to an electronic version so that he could use his left leg instead of his arm. Despite this tragedy, he is recognized as one of the best drummers in the rock and roll world.

Def Leppard shared the ‘Monday motivation’ post and showed how Allen managed to stand strong and pursue his dream even after the accident. In the interview, the drummer stated that he stopped comparing himself to how he played before the accident or other people. He noted that he embraced his uniqueness but admitted that he sometimes thinks about the things he could have done if he had his left arm.

Here is Def Leppard’s caption:

“Monday Motivation with Rick Allen from a 2019 interview on Howard Stern show.”

And here is what Allen said about his situation:

“I stopped comparing myself to how I used to play. And I stopped comparing myself to others. And I went, ‘What I do is really unique, go with that.’ It was such a weight lifted.

I still have moments of that like, ‘Wow can you imagine what I could do if I had what I used to have. But then I go, you know what, you’re fine. Everything’s going fine.”

You can watch their 2019 interview with Howard Stern below.