The Story Of Black Crowes’ Bittersweet Reunion After A Tumultuous Career

Choosing people to join you on a ride to fame is very important, especially to maintain a successful career without personal turmoils getting in the way. However, it’s no news that many bands in the rock and roll world have suffered from personal disputes with maintaining relationships stable in the group. Some have quit, fired, or disbanded, unable to tolerate each other any longer.

The Black Crowes were formed in 1984 and is one of the bands that have been through many lineup changes. In addition, the band experienced indefinite hiatuses and returned to the stage with different musicians. Let’s look at the history of The Black Crowes and see what led them to their new and upgraded return.

The Timeline Of The Black Crowes’ Many Hiatuses

The band was initially formed by Chris Robinson, Rich Robinson, Jeff Cease, Johnny Colt, and Steve Gorman in 1989. They peaked in May 2001 with the album ‘Lions’ and toured with great musicians and bands like Oasis. Not long after, their first breakup came in 2002 after Gorman left the band. However, the Robinson brothers and Eddie Harsch reassembled in 2005, brought Marc Ford and Sven Pipien, recruited a new drummer Bill Dobrow and continued to create music.

Only a year later, Harsch and Ford left the band, replaced by Rob Clores and Paul Stacey, and they released ‘Warpaint.’ In 2010, the band announced their farewell tour ‘Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys’ and went on another indefinite hiatus. Meanwhile, the fans were confused as to whether the band would ever reunite again. While they waited for good news, in 2015, Rich Robinson announced their final breakup, and a year later, the beloved keyboardist Eddie Harsch passed away.

The Robinson Brothers Led To A Bittersweet Reunion

Meanwhile, the brothers Chris and Rich had a challenging relationship and bad blood. But in 2019, they resolved their differences and made up. After they did so, they decided to reunite the band. To the fans’ surprise, the only people from the previous lineups were the brothers, and the band wasn’t as it used to be and had a bittersweet reunion.

They included new musicians like Isaiah Mitchell, Tim Lefebvre, Joel Robinow, and Raj Ojha for a reunion tour, but it was put on hold due to the pandemic and had rescheduled the dates. They announced that Sven Pipien would return to bass, and they had written new songs together. In May 2022, they released newly recorded material with the EP titled ‘1972,’ which also contained songs released in 1972.