The Song That Makes Eric Clapton Cry

We all have that one song that touches our hearts. Whenever we hear the melody or think about the lyrics, it transports us to another dimension and disconnects us from the real world. It might be the passing of a loved one, heartbreak, or nostalgia that makes a tear fall from our eyes as soon as the song starts. In fact, Eric Clapton has a lot of those sentimental songs, such as ‘Tears In Heaven,’ which he wrote after his son Conor’s passing, and ‘My Father’s Eyes,’ written for his long-lost father.

Eric Clapton had to deal with difficult things throughout his time, including the tragic death of his 3-year-old son Conor and not knowing who his father was until 2007. Clapton used music to cope with his traumas, and his songs became the sad remainder of these incidents. Apart from these, the musician wasn’t that lucky in his love life. Many of his relationships have been making the headlines, especially his affair with George Harrison’s wife, Pattie Boyd. Although Eric tried so hard to win Pattie’s heart, he ultimately cheated on her multiple times, and she endured verbal violence.

What caused Eric Clapton to wander from relationship to relationship was mainly his substance addiction. While he was in love with Pattie, he developed a heroin addiction. Although he stopped using heroin while living with Pattie Boyd, Clapton started drinking alcohol this time. This caused many issues in his relationships and music career. Following his affairs with Pattie Boyd, singer Betty Davis, manager Yvonne Kelly, and model Lory Del Santo, Eric Clapton married Melia McEnery.

Melia McEnery has been very supportive of Eric Clapton throughout his battle with substance and alcohol addiction. The couple has been together since the early 2000s and has three daughters. Throughout the years, McEnery tried to stay with Clapton through thick and thin and supported his musical career.

Deciding that he had to recover from alcoholism and substance addiction, Clapton founded the Crossroads Centre in Antigua. He has been organizing the annual Crossroads Guitar Festival since 1999 to fund the rehabilitation center. His wife, Melia McEnery, wanted to be a part of this and serves on the facility’s board.

McEnery loves listening to Eric Clapton’s music as well. As it turns out, her favorite Clapton song is ‘Run Home To Me,’ featured on the musician’s 2005 album ‘Back Home.’ According to what Eric Clapton told YourTango, they both cry listening to this song because he wrote it after feeling they were becoming a family.

“She only has to hear the opening, and she starts to cry,” said Eric Clapton about ‘Run Home To Me.’ “And me too, because that song is about us sitting on the stony beach in Bognor in winter. It was cold but beautiful, and nobody was there, and it was the most real picture I had of us becoming a family.”

So, Eric Clapton wrote ‘Run Home To Me’ after sitting on a beach with his wife Melia during a cold day in winter. Apparently, spending time there alone was a beautiful experience for the two, making Clapton feel that he finally had a family. It’s not a surprise that this feeling brings tears to their eyes, as the musician tried very hard to find his soulmate.