Michael Anthony Details Alex Van Halen’s Life In Seclusion

We don’t know if Van Halen is going to resolve the complications with their music and lineup status for a possible reunion, but we know that the band members are there for each other emotionally regardless. The band’s bassist, Michael Anthony, recently revealed that he talked to Alex Van Halen about six months ago and that he was still mourning for his brother, Eddie Van Halen.

Eddie Van Halen’s passing continues to have an impact on his close family and fans. The band’s disbandment and reluctance to ever perform again have been in the media since the tragic day. This doesn’t mean that fans don’t have hope or that interviewers will ever stop asking the band members about a reunion.

Although the band answers reunion questions honestly and sincerely, they tend to leave an open window for people to elaborate. Recently, Michael Anthony said that if the band solves their complicated frontman issue, he would love to be a part of a reunion, sparking hope. However, this is only his personal opinion because when he speaks to Alex Van Halen, they rarely talk about music.

The bassist revealed that the last time he spoke to Alex was six months ago, and when he did, they just asked each other how life is going. Michael Anthony said that Alex was still mourning for Eddie, even though he passed away almost three years ago, but this is completely understandable as the duo was inseparable.

Michael said about speaking to Alex:

“I spoke with Alex not a long time ago. Well, it’s probably been at least six months ago. When we speak, it’s kind of funny because we don’t speak that much about music; we speak a lot about family and what’s going on. The last time I talked to him, he was still obviously very upset and mourning his brother’s passing because they were so close.”

He continued to talk about a possible reunion:

“But I would love to see something happening. I don’t know what incarnation it would be because one day we’re talking words are coming up about Roth, and then Sammy, and then whatever. So, no. It’s one big bowl of spaghetti, and once we unwind the whole thing, then something’s gonna happen. If something did happen, and it’s done in the right way to honor Ed, I’m totally in.”

With Van Halen, everything they might do in the future is linked to Eddie Van Halen’s passing. The psychology of the band members, Alex’s point of view on this, and whether or not this would honor Eddie are all factors to consider. The band is having problems deciding on a frontman, or at least they should talk it out with both of them to see if they both agree to do it together. Until then, Van Halen’s music lives on through Wolfgang Van Halen, who recently revealed that he fuses some of the band’s works with his songs, or Sammy Hagar, who proudly sings the band’s songs in his shows.