The Singer Who Was Shot By Ted Nugent Twice

Almost every Ted Nugent fan and hater knows that he has a great interest in hunting and shooting alongside his passion for music. Nugent is a professional hunter and Hunter Nation’s spokesperson. Even though animal rights activists have heavily targeted him, he never gave up claiming that hunting is beneficial for nature and human beings who require food support.

In addition, Nugent is a pro-gun activist and has been defending people’s right to possess and carry guns for many years. Also, he served on the Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association but recently announced his resignation. However, his hobbies have proven to be dangerous, not only for the animals but also for the people around him.

Ted Nugent Shot Derek St. Holmes In His Leg And Arm

Derek St. Holmes met with Ted Nugent when his band Scott was The Amboy Dukes’ opening band. After the Amboy Dukes disbanded, Nugent invited Holmes to join him as the lead singer in 1974, but he left the band due to creative and personal differences in 1978. However,  he later collaborated with Nugent for his live performances and solo albums many times.

Also, Holmes and Nugent have been friends for a long time, and Holmes accompanied the Handsome Devil during his hunting trips. In one of his previous interviews, the ex-Ted Nugent singer revealed that the rocker accidentally shot him twice. Holmes was shot by Nugent in his leg and arm when they went shotgun hunting together.

Holmes recalled these times saying:

He had shot me twice. He shot me in the leg. We’re out shotgun hunting in winter, and he shot me in the leg.

Then we’re – in the ’80s – one of his… He’s shooting at a target, and it ricochets back and hits me in the arm and I was like, ‘Holy shit, this guy’s dangerous’ but yeah, it’s pretty wild.”

Holmes described these moments as wild and admitted that Ted Nugent is a dangerous man to be around. However, these accidents didn’t harm their longtime friendship, and they continued to go hunting and shooting together. It can be said that Nugent and his former lead singer will remain friends even though Holmes finds Nugent’s life crazy and dangerous.