The Relationship Stevie Nicks Said ‘Never Should Have Happened’

Love is a complicated feeling that tends to be tumultuous and unstable for various reasons. Thus, some romantic relationships are doomed to end like every kind of affair, and there can be thousands of reasons behind those breakups. While splits are problematic in most cases, it can get more frustrating when partners have to deal with seeing each other after ending their affair.

Unfortunately for Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks, she experienced one of the most twisted breakups when she and her bandmate Lindsey Buckingham came to an end. Though challenging, the worst times were ahead of the singer since this wasn’t the only time she had an affair with one of her bandmates. Let’s break down the details of the rocker’s controversial relationship and what she had to say about it years later.

Who’s The Person Stevie Nicks Shouldn’t Have Dated?

Stevie Nicks joined Fleetwood Mac with her musical partner and boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham in 1975 after Mick Fleetwood wanted the guitarist to become their new member and Buckingham’s condition was to come with Nicks. However, their career in the band lasted longer than their relationship, and they broke up a few years later. Nicks’ next boyfriends made her end up with highly complex love triangles eventually.

During the late 70s, Nicks began dating her bandmate Mick Fleetwood who was already married to model Jenny Boyd. The singer was together with The Eagles’ Don Henley, which made things even harden than it was. The singer eventually ended her affair with both of them in a short time. In his autobiography, ‘Play On,’ the drummer stated that he fell in love with Nicks, but it was an extremely chaotic and crazy experience.

Years after these issues, Stevie Nicks opened up about her relationship with Fleetwood in her previous interviews. The musician said it was a crazy and random thing that should have never happened. She regretted being with a married man and learned that it wasn’t right to be a ‘home-wrecker.’ As can be understood from her statement, Nicks couldn’t help herself at that time, but she later realized the mistake that she made.

In Nicks’ words, she said:

“The crazy accidental affair. It should never have happened, and we knew it from the beginning. If there’s anything I learned from that relationship, it was, ‘Don’t go after other women’s husbands,’ because it never works out. You are never going to be the woman if you break up a marriage. You’re just the home-wrecker.”

Furthermore, Fleetwood divorced Boyd and fell in love with Sara Recor, then married her in 1988, but there was another problem with this marriage. Recor was Nicks’ friend too, and the singer felt upset and disappointed about Sara’s being with her ex. This incident became an inspiration for Fleetwood Mac’s iconic song, ‘Sara’ even though she also revealed that it was supposed to be the name of her and Henley’s daughter that she decided to abort.

You can listen to the song below.