The Reason Sting Was Demanded To Be Arrested By Russian Communists

There aren’t many fans who would utter Sting’s name when asked about crazy rock stars who encourage youngsters to be self-destructive. In fact, the musician is often mentioned for his activism in support of human rights and has given countless charity concerts since his first involvement with humanitarian work in September 1981.

However, not everybody agrees that the former Police frontman doesn’t aim to corrupt young people’s minds with his concerts, which Russian communists believed. Yes, you heard it right; there’s one time when a political party in Russia called the authorities to arrest Sting during the musician’s concert tour.

Why Did Communists Condemn Sting?

You may be curious about the reason or how the musician reacted to this situation, which was clearly an overreaction. Well, it all started while Sting was touring back in 2010, and the musician performed in Moscow and St Petersberg as part of his tour schedule.

While his fans were thrilled to see the musician in their country, the Communists of Petersberg and the Leningrad Region released a public statement saying that the rocker is a dangerous drug pusher and public enemy. Furthermore, the statement was based on a previous interview Sting had given about the legalization of marijuana.

According to the communist party, everybody in the Russian Federation must understand that such a figure shouldn’t appear in their country regardless of the fact that ‘screaming teens’ consider him talented. It appears that their whole argument was based on slamming Sting’s talent and one previous statement about cannabis.

According to Telegraph, the political party stated:

“In April 2010, Mister Sting publicly called for the worldwide legalization of marijuana. Not only communists, but everyone in favor of a healthy way of life, the strengthening of our nation’s culture and tradition must understand that such a figure, however talented screaming teens may consider him, cannot appear on stage in the Russian Federation.

Their following statement also criticized the police for not arresting Sting at one of his concerts in St Petersberg. The party also stated that the police were ‘pushing our children toward the hell of degeneration‘ by refusing to arrest the musician.

The incident was quite unnecessary but not surprising as the party often harshly criticized celebrities’ lifestyles. After the news spread, the musician preferred to stay silent and ended his tour successfully like a professional.