The Reason KISS Was Kicked Out From Michael Jackson Tribute Show

Michael Jackson had one of the most significant influences in the music world, regardless of the genre. Jackson left a huge mark in the music industry by creating using pop, rock, and his unique sounds with a dance move that any other musician did not recognize. He quickly became a fashion, stage, and music icon and grabbed attention with his personal life.

He saw several allegations throughout his life for molesting underage boys. He faced trial and admitted to having slept in the same bed with children with the consent of their parents, mainly taken in return for payments or advantages. The world refused to believe the King of Pop could be capable of such actions, but many people also stood for the victims.

What Happened After Michael Jackson Died?

Jackson passed away in June 2009, but even his death was filled with controversy, and some people even think he might still be alive. Conspiracy theories, rumors, hate, and love were only a few actions taken toward the singer in his lifetime and after his death. Despite the allegations, he still had millions of fans, and his death brought sadness upon them.

Hence, there was a Michael Jackson tribute concert back in 2011 to commemorate the icon, including many musicians performing for benefit. KISS was also part of the performing team, but Gene Simmons’ comments about the late singer resulted in the band being removed from the setlist.

Why Was KISS Removed From the 2011 Michael Jackson Tribute Concert?

Gene Simmons is a very opinionated musician, and when it came to Michael Jackson’s pedophile accusations, he straight up made his side clear. He said that there is fire where there is smoke and believed that Jackson was guilty of what people accused him of many times.

A Twitter user tweeted to Gene that he needs support with Wade Robson accusing Michael Jackson of sexual abuse, and an MJ fan responded angrily by stating that Gene doesn’t even know the musician. To that tweet, Gene replied that he knew Jackson and said that he was aware that the pop icon paid the families hush money.

In a now-deleted post, the user first tweeted:

“Gene, I am fighting for a man who claims to have been abused by Michael Jackson, Wade Robson. I need your help.

Fan replied:

“Gene Simmons never even met, much less knew MJ. What are you bothering him for?!!!”

Gene clarified:

“In the 80s, I went out w/Diana Ross. We visited Michael Jackson. You don’t know me. Don’t make up things about me. Fact, he paid a family $22 million to settle one case. Fact, He paid $3.5 mil to another family. I stand by my words. Millions around the world believe he was. Difficult to believe. That does not mean it’s untrue.”

Simmons also spoke more explicitly about his belief in MJ’s case. In several interviews, he had no doubts that the allegations were true because of the facts. He also added that having a hard time believing such a legendary musician being mentioned with child abuse doesn’t mean it’s not true.

The KISS icon stated:

“Well, you know, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. There’s no question in my mind that he molested those kids. Not a doubt.

These comments eventually resulted in KISS being removed from the tribute concert even though Michael Jackson was known to be a fan of KISS. The Global Live Events CEO Chris Hunt had stated that they had no choice but to ‘rescind’ their invitation to the band because of Gene’s comments.

Here is why KISS got removed from the concert:

“Under the circumstances, we fully agree that even though KISS is a band Michael admired, we have no choice but to rescind our invitation to them to appear in our tribute concert.”

Gene Simmons didn’t say anything to express his disappointment following the announcement. It’s unclear whether they would have accepted the performance even if they didn’t cancel their invitation. It seems like Gene strongly believes that Michael Jackson was a person who sexually abused children, and he is not afraid to stand up for it.