The Reason KISS’ Paul Stanley Had Doubts About Genesis’ Phil Collins

Phil Collins is a musician who is mainly known for his tenure in Genesis as their drummer and singer. Apart from his career in a band, Collins is also a successful solo musician who began his career in 1981 and achieved remarkable chart success as a solo artist. During the 1980s, he had more US Top 40 singles than any other artist, so it’s no doubt that he is a pretty talented musician.

Collins began playing drums when he was only five years old. He also completed drama school training and pursued an acting career as a child actor. Deciding to lead a music career, Collins joined Genesis in 1970 as the band’s drummer and became the band’s lead singer in 1975 after Peter Gabriel left. His solo career started in the 1980s, and he released several albums inspired by his personal life.

The award-winning musician had many troubles considering his health throughout the years, but he has managed to make music despite the hardships. As it seems, KISS’ Paul Stanley is also among Phil Collins’ fans, but according to the guitarist, he had doubts about Collins in the past. Let’s find out the reason why.

Paul Stanley Was Doubtful About Phil Collins As He Started His Music Career As A Drummer

Back in 2015, KISS icon Paul Stanley gave an interview to ShortList to reveal his favorite music pieces and create an ultimate playlist for the fans. Among the other songs, Stanley named Phil Collins’ ‘Against All Odds’ as his favorite movie soundtrack. The song is written by Phil Collins himself and recorded for the 1984 film of the same name. ‘Against All Odds’ also reflects Collins’ relationship with his first wife as it was written shortly after their breakup.

According to what Paul Stanley told ShortList, the guitarist likes the song because of the drama, emotion, and vulnerability it carries. Moreover, Stanley claimed that Collins poured out his heart in the song, which makes it vulnerable and powerful at the same time. Following that, the KISS icon said it’s pretty difficult to reveal the true feelings of oneself, and Phil Collins was quite successful in doing so.

After revealing his thoughts on ‘Against All Odds,’ Stanley noted that it was pretty interesting to see what Phil Collins has achieved, considering that he came from behind the drum kit. He then admitted he was somewhat doubtful when Phil Collins replaced Peter Gabriel as lead singer. Although Collins himself was hesitant when he took Gabriel’s spot, Stanley thinks he proved him and many people wrong with his musicianship.

Talking about his favorite movie soundtrack, Paul Stanley told ShortList the following:

“That’s an interesting one. Let’s go with Phil Collins – ‘Against All Odds.’ Why that song? Drama, drama! Y’know? It’s all emotion, and it’s all vulnerability, and in that track, he certainly eviscerates himself. It’s pretty stunning how he just tears himself open. That kind of desperate vulnerability… to be able to pull that off is terrific. The song ends beautifully, and I love it.

There are always grander songs or more heroic songs, but sometimes the most difficult thing is to reveal the self. Phil Collins has done some really terrific stuff, and it’s always interesting to think of somebody who came from behind the drum kit… I was certainly scratching my head when I heard that Peter Gabriel was going to be replaced by their drummer! But he proved me and a lot of people wrong.”

At the time when Peter Gabriel left Genesis, the band began searching for a lead singer. After receiving around 400 applications, Genesis gave Collins a chance, and he sang ‘Squonk.’ Upon hearing him, the band decided he would be suitable for the job. As it seems, Stanley didn’t think that Collins could handle this, but the musician proved him wrong with his unordinary music talent.