The Reason Keith Richards Called Mick Jagger ‘Cruel’

After forming the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger worked together for decades. But throughout those years, they also went through many conflicts, which caused a feud between them in the 80s.

At the time, the guitarist voiced his annoyance with the vocalist’s actions in the band through interviews and through his songs like the 1980 track ‘All About You.’ He even referred to his bandmate as ‘Bitchy Brenda’ or ‘Her Majesty,’ as a New York Post article revealed in 2016.

But they agreed to move past their differences and went on working on new Rolling Stones material following the late 80s. In an interview with the New York Times during that period, Richards compared his relationship with Jagger to a ‘family squabble.’

The Rolling Stones member also said he wanted to ‘bring his friend into line’ with his criticisms. So, years later, he commented on the singer’s personal life in an interview with GQ Magazine.

Criticizing his love life, he said:

“I find it quite easy to distance myself from Mick’s private life, but then it’s ludicrous because it’s not private at all. I sometimes see what the old bugger wants in life; he’s intent on being Casanova or Don Juan. He’s always looking for it, which is a little cruel on his loved ones. But he’s always been like that. I don’t talk to Mick about his love life because it’s like, ‘Whoops! You’ve skidded on another banana skin!”

Mick Jagger’s romantic affairs remained in the public eye throughout the decades, especially after, in recent years, his biographer Christopher Anderson claimed that he ‘slept with 4, 000 women.’

His relationship with Keith Richards, on the other hand, went on a professional level, as the Rolling Stones kept releasing new material to this day. They currently have a new album on the way, although there’s still no release date set for it.