Keith Richards Thinks His Relationship With Mick Jagger Is ‘Indescribable’

The Rolling Stones’ guitarist Keith Richards attended Strombo’s podcast, streamed on Apple Music, and talked about their relationship with Mick Jagger. He stated that he feels the closest to him when they are on stage, and they always have each other’s backs.

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards have had an ongoing friendship for almost 60 years, and they have performed hundreds of times side by side on stage. Six decades are over half a century, and it would be a mistake to underestimate the power of the time you spend with somebody.

Especially when a band is performing live on stage, the members have to be connected, detect any problems they may face and do their best to cover them up. Therefore, it is always important to establish a good relationship with the band members so they can have your back onstage.

Keith Richards talked about his relationship with Jagger stating:

“Being on stage with him is when we are at our closest, Mick and I because it’s almost indescribable, but you know, when Mick and I are out there working, and we both know that, ‘Hey, I’m counting on you.’ And there’s a beautiful jousting and also like a support. That’s where I actually, feel my friendship with Mick more intensely than at any other time he’s on stage.

You know, I have his back. He has mine. It’s an interesting piece of improvisation that goes on every night, and it’s like, how far do you want to push it? And that’s half the fun of it. It’s never the same, this show, there’s no script. That’s the first time I said that.”

It is very apparent that the two stars have got each other’s backs on stage and have formed a trust. It is a little surprising to hear Richards state that onstage is when they are the closest as it leads fans to question whether the duo is not as close off stage.