The Reason Jon Bon Jovi Attacked Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian is undoubtedly one of the most recognized public figures of 2021. She started gaining publicity because she was the stylist of Paris Hilton, but later, she attracted even more attention after her sex tape with her then-boyfriend Ray J. was leaked.

Usually, a leak like this would end someone’s career, make them unhappy, and feel exposed. However, Kardashian was able to turn this to her advantage and start a reality show with her family that lasted for twenty seasons. She has always been proud of what she made of herself after the unpleasant leak and has been carrying her and her family’s career uphill ever since.

Being so famous and rich, especially after a controversial subject, attracted many haters that the Kardashians had to deal with every day. The usual hate comments are in the direction of how ridiculous it is for the family to be famous without any ‘talents.’ However, they are still making a lot of money from the multi-million dollars worth cosmetic and fashion companies they built.

What Did Jon Bon Jovi Say About The Kardashians?


Jon Bon Jovi is one of the people who seem to feel anger towards the Kardashian family. In an interview in 2018, Jon talked about how he feels about the Kardashians, and he expressed his judgmental thoughts. According to the rockstar, a person can only feel fulfilled if they have a talent to write about in their autobiography instead of becoming famous over a sex tape.

Here is how he poured out his anger towards Kim and the Kardashian family:

“It’s not for me. What’s going to be in your autobiography? ‘I’ve made a porno, and guess what I got famous.‘ Fuck sorry, I’ll pass. I’ll go and write a book, paint a painting, act, study, sing, play, write.”

It is probably understandable for Jon to hold such a grudge towards the Kardashians since the rockstar has been on the rock industry for almost 40 years, and he has never gotten as much publicity as the Kardashians. Some commentators indicate that Jon is just angry he doesn’t have that much, although he’s doing something ‘meaningful.’

As mentioned before, the Kardashians are used to all the hate coming from millions of people. It must be hard for the family, especially Kim, who was the protagonist of the whole story. She has stated more than once that she had to work harder than everyone for a longer time to build something herself because of the way she got famous in the first place.

You can watch Jon Bon Jovi’s interview below.