The Reason Gary Moore Denied Being A ‘Rock Guitarist’


Almost every rock fan names Gary Moore in their list of greatest guitar players of all time, and they have every right to do that since he influenced countless other guitar legends and created timeless guitar pieces. Fans aren’t alone in thinking Moore is an applauded musician as numerous respectable magazines put him among their lists of best guitar players. He was also honored by Gibson and Fender with several signature model guitars.

There’s no question that Moore is widely recognized as a talented guitarist, and his genre has been described as rock and blues. While he performed a diverse range of music, including hard rock, heavy metal, and jazz fusion, the guitarist had undeniable rock elements in his music, according to many. However, Moore once disagreed with the notion that he was a rock guitarist.

Gary Moore Is A Celebrated Musician


The Irish musician Gary Moore showed his guitar skills from 1968 to his unfortunate death in 2011. He kicked off his career when he joined the Irish Skid Row in the late 1960s and released two albums with the band. After leaving the band, he joined Thin Lizzy with his Skid Row bandmate Phil Lynott. Jazz sounds influenced him in his earlier days, but later, his sound developed into the rock and metal direction.

While Gary influenced many in the following years, at the beginning of his career, he was inspired by a couple of names like Eric Clapton, Peter Green, and Jeff Beck, widely blues guitarists. He always pursued what he liked to play at the time, and because it was primarily blues and jazz, he didn’t consider himself a rock guitarist.

Why Did Moore Distance Himself From Rock Music?


Gary Moore released 18 studio, 9 live, 12 compilation albums, and 53 singles, with which he gained commercial fame and success throughout his career. The abundance of his discography grabs attention, and these materials influenced the rock scene widely if you ask many musicians who refer to Moore’s work as their muse.

The main problem between Moore and rock was that even though he created a lot of rock and roll music, he felt alienated when he went back to listen to them. He stated that his intention wasn’t to play rock and roll. It seems like the guitarist had found his true love in blues, and his rock sound didn’t satisfy him as much. Moore talked about this in an interview whose original source is now deleted.

According to Wikiwand, he said:

“I’m not that guy anymore, to be honest with you. If I go back and listen to some of that stuff, I go, ‘Shit. Did I really play that?’ It just sounds quite alien to me in some ways. It’s just not the way I want to play.”

We lost the guitarist in 2011 when he had an unexpected heart attack in Spain, where he had gone for a holiday. The Daily Telegraph reported the incident by stating that the attack was caused by high amounts of alcohol in his system. The media later revealed that the guitarist had developed a drinking problem shortly before his death.