The Reason Billy Gibbons Admires Chad Kroeger

Billy Gibbons is a renowned rock musician who is mostly known as the guitarist and lead vocalist of the band ZZ Top. He began his musical career in the Moving Sidewalks and recorded one album with the band in 1968. Following that, he worked with Jimi Hendrix and opened four dates for the Jimi Hendrix Experience. In late 1969, he formed ZZ Top and released their debut album in 1971. As of today, Gibbons is playing with ZZ Top for over 50 years and continuing to make music with them since the band’s formation.

As a talented musician, Billy Gibbons also contributed to a great number of artists and recorded several songs with them throughout his career. One of the bands he worked together was Nickelback, and Gibbons has quite an admiration over the band’s lead vocal Chad Kroeger. Let’s learn why Gibbons admired Chad Kroeger quite a lot.

Billy Gibbons Thought Chad Kroeger Had Great Vocal Stylings

Back on October 4, 2005, Nickelback released their fifth album ‘All The Right Reasons.’ The album became their best-selling album to date and became a success after the release. Moreover, Nickelback worked with Gibbons on the songs ‘Follow You Home,’ ‘Fight For All The Wrong Reasons,’ and ‘Rockstar.’ The musician contributed to these songs with his guitar playing and backing vocals.

Among these songs, ‘Rockstar’ became one of the most popular singles of Nickelback to date. According to Ultimate Guitar, Billy Gibbons commented on the song and praised Chad Kroeger’s talent in a now-inaccessible interview by Classic Rock. He said that ZZ Top was touring the U.S. back in those days, and before their own show, they decided to watch Nickelback perform. According to Gibbons, Chad Kroeger’s vocal stylings were great and upon seeing him perform, he also thought that Kroeger can sing for days.

Following that, Gibbons said Kroeger was thinking about completing ‘Rockstar’ as a studio-based song at that time. The musician then stated that he called him up to collaborate as he felt the song needed Gibbons’ vocal inflection.

As reported by Ultimate Guitar, Billy Gibbons told Classic Rock that:

“Ha ha ha … Rockstar was quite an unexpected success. We were touring the US, up the North West. It was the day before our own show, they were playing and we were curious, so we popped down to catch the band’s performance. You have to note the great vocal stylings that Chad Kroeger can bring to the party. Man, he can sing for days.

Anyway, after that inauspicious first meeting, when the time came for them to get back into the studio, I believe Chad had the idea to complete ‘Rockstar’ as a studio-based song. He had most of it but felt he needed something extra, so he called me up to see if we could make some sense of it. He dreamed up the vocal inflection that I sang, and I reckon it came out okay.”

As it appears, Billy Gibbons was quite impressed by the vocal abilities of Chad Kroeger. With Gibbons’ vocals and Kroeger’s singing talent, the song ‘Rockstar’ indeed became a hit.

You can listen to Nickelback’s hit ‘Rockstar’ below.