The Time Metallica Sang Rihanna’s Diamond: It’s Priceless To See James Hetfield’s Reaction

Metallica members previously joined the show called ‘Carpool Karaoke’ hosted by the comedian Billy Eichner and they were asked to sing along the pop icon Rihanna‘s famous song, ‘Diamond,’ and the way James Hetfield reacts to the lyrics of the song is one of the most precious moments of the band’s history.

‘Carpool Karaoke’ has been broadcasting by Apple Music which was originated in one of the segments on The Late Late Show with James Corden. One of the episodes hosted by the famous comedian Billy Eichner, James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and Rob Trujillo joined the show and had one of the most interesting performances of their career.

During the show, Eichner played the music from various artists that he had chosen to sing along with Metallica members. However, one of his choices was quite unexpected for the band, which was Rihanna’s popular song ‘Diamond.’ Before playing the song, Billy asked them whether they like pop music and Hammett stated that he doesn’t listen to pop music because it makes him angry. He also asked them if they like Beyonce and Lars responded to him by asking how can you not like Beyonce.

Here’s what Billy Eichner asked about pop music:

“Do you like pop music?”

To which Kirk Hammett responded:

“I don’t really listen to pop music, because it makes me angry.”

Here’s what Billy asked further:

“Do you guys like Beyonce?”

To which Lars Ulrich replied:

How can you not like Beyonce?

Furthermore, Eichner wanted to know if the band members liked Rihanna. As a response, Ulrich shared the story of how they played with Rihanna for the Global Citizens show and stated how awesome she was with her energy. He also mentioned that she had a really good band working with her.

Here’s what Lars stated about Rihanna:

“We played a show with her at the Global Citizens at Central Park in September. She was awesome, a lot of energy, and a really good band.”

When Billy started playing Rihanna’s ‘Diamond’ on the radio, Metallica members, except for James Hetfield, joined him singing the song. Unlike his bandmates, who were enjoying the song, James started laughing and shouting the words ‘help me’ to the people outside walking by their car. Yet, later, he joined them for the ‘headbanging’ and sang the chorus part along with his bandmates.

Here is how James Hetfield reacted to singing Rihanna’s ‘Diamond’:

Help me! Help me!

You can watch Metallica members’ performance of Rihanna’s ‘Diamond’ on Youtube below.