The Pop Star Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Called An Incredible Entity

Even though pop music is now regarded as mainstream, it still tends to be overlooked or even underestimated by some musicians and audiences. And even though many seem to love stating that rock faded from the mainstream scene long ago, we might say that the genre still holds quite a reputation.

There have been times when pop artists also decided to branch out and discover the lengths of rock, such as Miley Cyrus. One might also argue that pop doesn’t get the respect it might deserve as even the industry mostly sees the genre as a dollar-making machine to sell to fast-consuming audiences rather than making quality music.

However, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler didn’t care about any of these facts about pop as he went on to appreciate and confess his love for a well-known pop star. The rock icon seemed amazed by the singer’s talent as he much respected her music, stage presence, and entity. So, maybe, the roles changed a bit, as this time, a rocker disclosed his love for a pop star rather than a pop icon appreciating rockers.


If one is told that Steven Tyler has decided to make an appearance during a concert, no one would expect it to be a pop concert. However, Steven seemed pleased with being at a pop show and even taking on the stage to collaborate with this famed singer, so who do you believe it might be? Well, it was none other than Taylor Swift.

Swift had various guest appearances in her shows, from Mick Jagger to John Legend, but who would’ve thought Steven Tyler rocking the stage along with the pop star and singing ‘I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’ would be awesome? At least Steven thought their performance was unique, and he was so amazed by the pop star’s entity that he discussed Swift’s talents during a chat with GQ in 2015.

“She is an incredible entity; it’s unreal what that woman is,” Tyler said as he confessed his admiration for Taylor. “She reminds me of the wonder around Madonna. Your average person thinks Madonna’s singing ‘Like a Virgin,’ but if you look at what she endured in this man’s-world music business of ripoffs, scoundrels, and bastards, she’s doing it like that. She’s a phenomenon.”

He continued, “She’s like a beautiful guitar that’s got beautiful strings, and when they’re strummed, they sing these notes, but if you lean it up against the amp, it starts feeding back. If you lean Taylor up against her audience, and she’s singing, and they’re screaming, it’s a complete circuit. It’s like a feedback loop.”

So, Steven’s admiration for Taylor Swift was unique since it might be usual for pop stars to be amazed by other rockers, but a rock icon enjoying a performance with a mainstream pop star? Well, this might show that artists do not care about genres while respecting one another, and it might be time for Swift to branch out to rock.