The Person Who Saved Bruce Springsteen’s Life

The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, has led a career filled with appreciation from people from all around the world. He has often been described as the perfect depiction of ‘The American Man’ and he was concerned with the American society in his songs. Springsteen released songs for some of the biggest tragedies the USA faced throughout its history. His song ‘Streets of Philadelphia,’ which he wrote for the film ‘Philadelphia’ portraying HIV/AIDS, received an Oscar for Best Original Song in 1994.

Springsteen continues to play his legendary songs and create new albums for his fans to this day. He not only influenced his fans with the work he created, but also in terms of his private affairs. Although he has been involved in the wildlife of fame, he is not known to run from one partner to another as one would expect from a rockstar. He dated the actress Joyce Hyser in the 1980s for four years until he met his soulmate Patti Scialfa who was also a backup singer in the E-Street band.

Unfortunately, their connection had to remain as friendship, and Springsteen got married to the actress Julianne Phillips. They were married for four years when Springsteen and Scialfa fell in love with each other which led to his divorce from Phillips. In 1991, the soulmates got married, and they have been together ever since. They have been with each other through thick and thin, and Scialfa even saved Springsteen’s life at one point.

How Did Patti Scialfa Save Bruce Springsteen’s Life?

Springsteen suffered severe depression throughout his life and while he produced his most loved songs. He explained in a 2019 interview with GQ the effects of his problem on his daily life. He slept most of the time and didn’t do anything else except for struggling with anxiety. He stated that he constantly tried to fight that feeling of anxiousness which was exhausting.

Here is how he talked about his depression:

“I couldn’t get out of bed. Hell, I couldn’t even get a hard-on. I was uncomfortable doing anything. Everything brought waves of agitated anxiety that I’d spend every waking minute trying to dispel.”

As you may know, depression can lead to very unpleasing and uncomfortable situations if not treated professionally. It might even end up costing someone’s life and it seems like that’s where Springsteen was heading if it weren’t for his wife. Bruce continued in the interview to state that Scialfa gave him the confidence that he needs to be alright again. He stated that her ‘strength and calmness’ were very important for him and helped him get through it.

Here is how Scialfa saved Springsteen from depression:

“She steadied me, gave me the confidence to feel I’d be all right and that this was something that was just passing. Without her strength and calm, I don’t know what I would have done.

The couple showed the true meaning of ‘through thick and thin,’ and ‘through sickness and health’ to everyone who witnessed their relationhsip. Even though they got romantically involved with each other years after they met, once united, they didn’t let each other go. The couple now has three grown children Evan James, Jessica Rae, and Samuel Ryan.