Anthony Kiedis’ Heartbreaking Wish About Hillel Slovak

The rock scene has seen the wildest friendships, which were woven with the magic of sharing the stage, creating a piece of music that makes the crowd immerse themselves, having enjoyable jam sessions, being on long tours together, and often enjoying crazy parties. The common event that puts a heartbreaking ending to these beautiful stories in the rock world is often the last one.

Anthony Kiedis and Hillel Slovak from RHCP also had a really close relationship. They experienced all of this together at the edges. However, Slovak’s death at a very young age caused these good days to be short-lived. He was one of those rockers who unfortunately died of an overdose. Looking at all of Kiedis’s later comments about this untimely death, it is possible to see how much his friend’s passing devastated him.

Especially at first, the pain of losing him was not bearable for him; his grief lasted too long. Even though it’s been years, the frontman still struggles to forget those days and deeply misses his friend. In 1992, Kiedis made a truly heartbreaking comment, and his deep pain of losing a loved one was crystal clear.

The two’s friendships predate RHCP. When Kiedis had difficulty finding friends after switching high schools in his teens, Flea was the first one to come to his rescue. Their encounter with Hillel Slovak also took place at that time. These two friendships, as you know, also marked the very first steps of RHCP. So, these two names and music became Kiedis’ savior during his challenging times.

At the heart of their friendship with Slovak was music. After listening to his Hillel performing with his band Anthym in high school, Anthony Kiedis was impressed by his talent and invited him to his house. Their very first conversation became the beginning of an intimate friendship for them.

They became drug twins. However, neither of them really liked being like that. In fact, Slovak was trying to stay clean at the time of the unfortunate event, but a relapse marked the end of it all. On the other hand, Anthony went even further in a downward spiral after losing his friend. Speaking to Rolling Stone in 1992 when his friend’s death was fresh, the frontman thought he should have died instead.

“It should have been me,” he said, revealing his heartbreaking wish. “Hillel was the closest person to me in my life, and sadly enough, I don’t think I can ever find that with anybody else because I don’t think it happens more than once that you get that close to somebody. But as close as we were, because we were both afflicted with this disease of drug addiction, we didn’t really hang out together because we didn’t like to see each other in that state.”

Just as the adventures with the RHCP had been added to the best years of their friendship, Slovak passed away at the age of 26. It was at the beginning of RHCP’s journey, and thus, he left before he witnessed the band’s worldwide success, which he contributed to while creating their unique early sound.