Brian May’s Heart Attack Turned Into A ‘Nightmare,’ His Wife Anita Says

Queen lead guitarist Brian May’s wife and actress, Anita Dobson, was interviewed by Smooth Radio and opened up about her husband’s diseases by describing the recovery process during the pandemic as a nightmare.

As you may recall, Brian May had a minor heart attack and was taken to the hospital with three blocked arteries in May 2020. His fans and family were very worried about May’s health and being hospitalized during the COVID-19 outbreak. Fortunately, he was able to recover quickly thanks to his surgeon and got better over time.

However, May’s suffering didn’t end after the heart attack, which he sees as a near-death experience. He had to struggle with stomach hemorrhage because of the medication he was taking. According to May, he felt worse than the heart attack and lost a lot of blood. Also, he revealed that he had sciatica, but thankfully he didn’t contract coronavirus when he was in the hospital.

During these challenging times, his wife Anita Dobson supported and took care of her husband while he was trying to recover from these terrible diseases. Dobson stated that she couldn’t work and became a housewife to help May. Moreover, she how challenging it was to fight these illnesses during coronavirus lockdown, an everlasting nightmare for Brian May and Anita Dobson.

Dobson recalled these times saying:

My husband had a heart attack, sciatica, and a hemorrhage, and I suddenly went from being a working actress to being a cleaner, cook, and carer. Not a role I’m easily castable for! I did the best I could and thank God he’s all right now.

He’s very kind. He says, ‘It’s down to Anita that I got through it but what you would have seen behind the scenes was a menial who was so grumpy it just wasn’t true.” I’d go off into a corner and mutter away to myself, the cat, the fish, and the birds in the trees – anybody who would listen.

Lockdown was dreadful, a nightmare that I wish never to go back into. Even when Brian started to get better there was this awful feeling of is this my life now?”

Despite all of these struggles, Anita Dobson and Brian May, who are a couple that has been pursuing a very happy marriage for 21 years, supported each other and went back to their healthy and peaceful lives. They hope that they will never face any health issues again.