The Only Thing Geddy Lee Doesn’t Miss About Rush


After gaining a following with their talented musicianship, lyrical motifs exploring themes of fantasy and philosophy, and eye-pleasing stage shows, Rush decided to bid farewell to the music scene with their R40 Live Tour in 2015. Sadly, the band’s drummer Neil Peart passed away on January 7, 2020, and this incident shut the doors for a Rush reunion.

However, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson confirmed the possibility of future projects together. As the years passed, it was inevitable for both to miss performing on the same stage. In 2018, Lee reflected on his tenure with Rush and revealed what he missed doing with the band. Among these, there was something he didn’t miss at all.

Geddy Lee Missed Doing Lots Of Things With Rush, Except One


Throughout their career in Rush, Lee and Lifeson shared so many precious moments. They played side by side for years, made songs, and performed in front of great crowds. Recently, on August 9 and 10, 2022, the pair got a chance to perform together for the 25th anniversary of the series South Park. According to Lifeson, this was a bittersweet moment because they had missed playing together.

On the other hand, Geddy Lee also revealed the things he missed about Rush in a 2018 interview. Speaking to the Guardian, Lee stated that he missed playing with his Rush bandmates on stage because it was an honor for him. However, the guitarist admitted he didn’t miss traveling with the band. Moreover, Lee admitted that it was challenging for him to perform with Rush for hours, but any future show wouldn’t replace the intensity he felt in their previous performances.

Here is what Geddy Lee told the Guardian:

“I miss playing with Rush. I don’t miss traveling with Rush. I miss being on stage with those guys because it was a singular honor to me. I’m sure I will play live again one day, but it will never replace that intensity of what a three-hour Rush show was like to perform: it challenged me to my max, and that’s rare in this life.”

So, it appears like Geddy Lee is not a fan of hitting the road to tour for months. Considering that both Lifeson and Lee are almost in their 70s, it’s not a surprise the musicians hasn’t missed touring. However, their latest show for the Southpark anniversary was a heartwarming moment for both, and it will hopefully encourage them to take the stage again.