The Only Musician Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks Accepted To Write A Song With

It is publicly known that Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks and the musician Dave Stewart have developed a close relationship over the years. Their first encounter actually dates back to a Eurythmics show during the band’s 1984 tour. As Dave Stewart wrote in his memoir, ‘Sweet Dreams Are Made of This: A Life in Music,’ he first met Nicks backstage after one of their shows.

Stewart didn’t know who she was, but he was immediately impressed with her. The two never had a romantic relationship, but they became really close friends after that. They also brought their close connection to the music scene and made numerous collaborations, especially for Nicks’ solo studio albums.

Dave Stewart Contributed To The Stevie Nicks’ Solo Studio Albums

In 2010, Eurythmics member Dave Stewart announced that he was working with Stevie Nicks for her new album. They went to the studio to complete the writing and recording process of the album. Nicks’ seventh studio album, named ‘In Your Dreams,’ was released on May 3, 2011, and the album spent 16 weeks within the Billboard 200.

The two also shared the vocals in ‘Everybody Loves You’ and ‘Cheaper Than Free.’ An official music video for ‘Cheaper Than Free’ featuring Dave Stewart was also released. Later on, a documentary called ‘Stevie Nicks: In Your Dreams,’ directed by Nicks and Stewart, also dropped. It was documented in Nick’s home studio and presented the whole collaborative process between her and Stewart.

In her eighth solo studio album, ’24 Karat Gold: Songs from the Vault,’ Stevie Nicks once again decided to work with Dave Stewart, and he played the guitar parts in most of the tracks. It is beyond doubt that working closely with Stewart helped Nicks produce more compelling songs, and the harmony between them was a perfect match, as Nicks also revealed.

What Did Stevie Nicks Say About Working With Dave Stewart?

Stevie Nicks joined an interview in 2011 just after the release of her seventh album, ‘In Your Dreams,’ for which she had teamed up with Dave Stewart. The interviewer asked how it was to work with somebody else during the songwriting process because it was the first time she had shared this process with another musician.

Nicks responded by saying that she was, in fact, very selfish about the songwriting process before but working with Stewart was an amazing experience for her. They had had good communication and harmony since the beginning, which made the process easier for both of them. Stevie Nicks revealed that she never wanted to work with someone else to write songs, but it was different with Dave Stewart.

She recalled first contacting Stewart when she sent him a poetry book. Then, Stewart read the book and showed her the poems he liked. Nicks stated that she never thought Stewart would offer her to write songs together as it is not a situation that she is familiar with. Afterward, Dave started playing guitar, and they had their microphones in front of them.

Stevie Nicks revealed that they had already written the song, ‘You May Be the One’ in five minutes. She also pointed out that this song is not easy to write because it has intense emotional content. However, they could easily write it due to their impressive harmony. In general, it was new for Nicks to share the songwriting process with someone else, but she really enjoyed doing it with Stewart.

Stevie Nicks speaking on her collaboration with Dave Stewart:

“It was easy and fantastic. The songwriting process for me, I’ve always kind of kept to myself. I really was very selfish about it. I never really wanted to write with anyone and differently. When I first called Dave in January, I sent him a book of poetry about 40 pages of poetry, and then I’m thinking later, ‘What did I think, I was just going to send him this book of poetry, and he was going to read it and then what did I think he was going to do. Just make some music tracks and bring them over and leave’ because he said to me, ‘Well, you sent me the poetry, so I like this poem and just in a situation like you, and I are right now. I like this poem. Let’s start here.’

And I’m like to myself, ‘He doesn’t really think that we’re going to actually write a song here in this room, in the same room together.’ He just starts playing guitar, and we have microphones like this, and in five minutes, we had written the second to the last song on the record. That’s called ‘You May Be the One,’ and this was a serious heavy-duty song. This is not just a fun little dumb song; it’s a serious song.”

You can watch the full interview below.