Rob Zombie Announces His Upcoming Live Show Along With Korn And Steel Panther

Filmmaker and musician Rob Zombie made a new announcement about the upcoming shows by sharing a new post on his official Instagram account.

Following the coronavirus outbreak, Rob Zombie forced to postpone their tours and events as every other band did, and recently, he released a new album named The Lunar Injection Kool-Aid Eclipse Conspiracy.

While some of the bands still postponing their 2021 shows to 2022, Rob Zombie announced that he is going to be on the stage alongside Korn and Steel Panther in June 2021 with Rock Fest.

Rob mentioned that if all the things go well in the new world, this will be his return to the shows. Furthermore, this will be a chance for Rob to promote his newest album.

Here is what Rob Zombie wrote:

“Well, if all goes well with this crazy new world this will be our return to the stage. Fingers crossed.”

You can check out the post by clicking here.