The Song Ozzy Osbourne Cited John Lennon As Its Inspiration

John Lennon impacted the rock scene so highly that many musicians still follow his influences on music. Lennon initially gained a reputation with The Beatles as the founder, co-songwriter, and guitarist. Influenced by the skiffle genre, he set his mind to do something for music. Lennon’s journey, which started under the name of the Quarrymen, later evolved into The Beatles and became a turning point. He created a new gateway for himself and many other musicians in the music world.

The Beatles were such a massive influence on the music scene they became the building stones of many bands and solo musicians. The upcoming artists followed The Beatles members’ innovations. Ozzy Osbourne is one of these musicians who get through Lennon’s gateway with inspiration from him and the band. Osbourne created his 2001 record ‘Dreamer’ inspired by John Lennon’s 1971 release ‘Imagine.’

John Lennon’s Anti-War Theme Impacted Ozzy Osbourne

As a peace activist, John Lennon mentioned universal problems in his lyrics. ‘Imagine,’ released on the same-titled album in 1971, talked about world peace and living without materialism. The song he received inspiration from his wife, Yoko Ono, reached number three on Billboard Hot 100 and sold over one million copies in the United Kingdom. Besides being performed by numerous musicians like Elton John and Madonna, it became the opening track of the 2022 Winter Olympics.

The song was also a source of inspiration for Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘Dreamer,’ which came from his 2001 album ‘Down to Earth.’ In the track, Osbourne referred to people’s destroying the earth with his lyrics. The Prince of Darkness stated in a past conversation that he unintentionally created this song with similar melodies to The Beatles as he was a massive admirer of the band. Although he had no intention of likening ‘Dreamer’ to ‘Imagine,’ Lennon’s song inspired him to talk about the earth.

Ozzy Osbourne detailed in his words:

“Since I’m such a fan of The Beatles, I unconsciously come up with melodies similar to theirs. It’s not that I was trying to write the next ‘Ima­gine,’ but I care about the earth and its places and about people, violence, and war. So it would be good if we could all get along, for we would have a much better world.”

You can listen to the songs below.