The Only Music Jefferson Airplane Singer Grace Slick Couldn’t Stand

Jefferson Airplane embarked on a new folk-rock path, with Grace Slick joining the band. They became one of the trailblazers of psychedelic rock and contributed to the genre’s popularization with several successful releases. The band’s 1967 album, ‘Surrealistic Pillow,’ has been recognized as a pioneering piece of the early ’60s psychedelic rock scene, and it brought them great recognition. As the lead singer of a prominent band, Grace Slick became a notable face on the rock scene.

During her tenure with the band, Slick became a central figure in the spread of San Francisco’s early psychedelic rock sound in the mid-’60s music scene. She had created several hit songs for Jefferson Airplane, including ‘White Rabbit‘ and ‘Mexico.’ Like most industry leads, the vocalist was influenced by different artists and genres. However, there was a particular sound she could not bear to hear.

The Type Of Music Grace Slick Struggled To Grasp

Although she’s been a retired musician since 1990, Grace Slick enjoyed great success in the 1960s. She was also one of the few female musicians who appeared at the famous Woodstock and Altamont festivals. However, after her tenure with Jefferson Airplane, Grace decided to focus on her solo career in the ’70s.

She released several albums, such as ‘Manhole,’ ‘Dreams,’ and ‘Software.’ The singer was even nominated for a Grammy Award for her album, ‘Dreams.’ This nomination proved that her solo work deserved the same praise as her previous works with Jefferson Airplane. Despite being a musician who has been praised for her contribution to psychedelic rock, she also explored different types of music.

According to a 1980’s interview, Grace Slick admitted that although she enjoyed ‘all kinds of music,’ the only genre she couldn’t understand was Chinese traditional music. She stated that Chinese songs were generally high-pitched from start to finish, making her dislike them. She explained that the songs she likes must have some bass; otherwise, she can’t listen to them.

Grace Slick’s words on Chinese music:

“I like all kinds of music. I mean, the only music I don’t understand very well is Chinese because it’s almost always a high-end female voice, and I can’t stand high-end for a very long time. I have to hear a bass; otherwise, I get kind of strange, but that’s the only music I don’t understand.”

Even though Jefferson Airplane eventually reunited in 1989, she decided to retire from the music industry around the same time. She believed rock ‘n’ roll was for younger people who wanted to express their emotions and someone over 50 couldn’t deliver on the same level they used to. Thus, musicians had to know when to get off the stage.