The Offspring Joins The Revival Of Punk After Green Day: New Album Announced

The Offspring is back with a new punk album.

The band shared a brief part from the first single, ‘Make It All Right’ and announced the upcoming record with the following words on Instagram:

“We’re thrilled to announce that our new album ‘SUPERCHARGED’ will be released on October 11th! We wanted this record to have pure energy – from the start to the finish! That’s why we called it ‘SUPERCHARGED.’ Pre-order/pre-save now + listen to the new single ‘Make It All Right’ at the link in our bio.”

Fan Reactions To The Offspring’s Album

The full album, ‘Supercharged’ will arrive on October 11. Sum 41 and Green Day also released new punk albums in recent months. Fans also realized that and seemed to be happy with the news. One person wrote:

First Green Day, then Sum 41, and now a new album from The Offspring. We’re really getting a drop from each of the Big 3 of Pop Punk in 2024.”

Another one likened it to Blink-182’s music:

“The new single sound like a Blink-182 song in 2002. I like it.”

One other individual wanted more songs from the album:

“I want more of the hot sauce to go with this album! That was fire.”

Green Day Is Also Back At Punk

Green Day released the last single called ‘One Eyed B**tard’ from the album in January. Billie Joe Armstrong mentioned Black Sabbath’s influence on the song’s creation:

“‘One Eyed B**tard’ started off as just a riff that I had — a shuffle, almost like a Black Sabbath kind of riff. Lyrically, I was just reflecting on bad times in life. That’s the thing about nostalgia — sometimes you think, ‘That was an awful time.’ Everybody’s got that ugly place in their life where they have to deal with ugly thoughts — it could be like revenge or whatever. Thankfully, I have an outlet in songwriting.”

Before ‘Saviors,’ Green Day took a different path with their 2020 album ‘Father of All…,’ which had a garage rock sound rather than their usual pop-punk style. So, ‘Saviors’ is a return to their punk sound. Sum 41’s latest album ‘Heaven :x: Hell,’ also included both pop-punk and heavy-metal tracks.

Deryck Whibley decided to end Sum 41 after finishing their latest album, feeling it’s their best work yet. Despite this, he’s excited about the future and isn’t considering retirement.

You can see The Offspring’s post here and listen to the first track below.