The Non-Mötley Crüe Records Featuring Mick Mars

Mick Mars made quite a name for himself in the rock scene with his aggressive melodic and bluesy riffs. Mars started playing guitar as a little child and focused on developing his playing style. He dropped out of high school and made music his first and foremost priority. He played in several blues-based rock bands throughout the 1970s. The guitarist joined Mötley Crüe when Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee contacted him after seeing his ad in a newspaper.

Since then, Mick Mars has been the lead guitarist of Mötley Crüe. He gained a considerable reputation with the group’s massive success during their early days, and they released one successful album after another. He contributed to the band’s all nine studio albums. His breakthrough and most enormous success came with Mötley Crüe, yet the guitarist frequently appeared in other projects.

What Other Projects Was Mick Mars Involved In?

Mick Mars firstly collaborated with former Evanescence member John LeCompt in his band, Machina, which has now changed its name to Future Leaders of the World. He produced a track with them in his home studio. Later on, the guitarist also appeared on Swedish band Crashdïet’s second studio album, ‘The Unattractive Revolution,’ released in 2007.

He was the co-writer of the two songs named ‘I Don’t Care’ and ‘Alone’ on the band’s album. He also played lead guitars in these two songs. Mick Mars’ other collaboration came with Hinder’s 2008 album, ‘Take It to the Limit.’ He contributed to the guitar parts on the record’s title track.

The guitarist also collaborated with Papa Roach on their sixth studio album, ‘Metamorphosis,’ released in 2009. He played the guitar solo on the ninth track, ‘Into the Light.’ Then, Mick Mars appeared on the second studio album of Rock Star: Supernova runner-up Dilana. He played a guitar solo on the song, ‘The Question.’

Later on, the guitarist appeared as a co-writer of a song in Escape the Fate’s self-titled album in 2010. However, the band decided to withdraw the track from the album and save it for a future release. Mick Mars also collaborated with Pop Evil for their second studio album, ‘War of Angels.’ He co-wrote the song, ‘Boss’s Daughter,’ with the band and appeared in its music video.

Mötley Crüe guitarist has also been quite active and collaborated with other artists. In 2019, he made a guest appearance in the song, ‘The Way I’m Wired,’ from Black Smoke Trigger. His latest collaboration was with country singer Cory Marks on his hit single, ‘Outlaws & Outsiders.’ The guitarist has been currently working on his long-awaited debut solo studio album. The album is still in progress and could arrive at the end of 2022.