Slash’s Wish About Greta Van Fleet

Brothers Josh, Jake, and Sam Kiszka, along with Kyle Hauck, founded Greta Van Fleet in 2012, and shortly after, Danny Wagner replaced Hauck as the new drummer. The band released its debut studio album entitled ‘Anthem of the Peaceful Army’ on October 19, 2018, and some of its tracks hit the charts all around the world. Despite its popularity and chart success, the record received mixed reviews from music critics and fans.

Greta Van Fleet members received a backlash, and some people defined them as a copy of Led Zeppelin because their sound and style were similar to the iconic rock band. Following these comparisons, lead vocalist Josh Kiszka admitted they got inspired by them, but the band didn’t deserve this harsh criticism. Then, they dropped the second record, ‘The Battle at Garden’s Gate’ on April 16, 2021, wishing to prove their originality.

Later, the bassist Sam Kiszka said in an interview that people’s constantly referring to them as a Led Zeppelin tribute band became annoying. Also, the other band members stated that their latest work was a turning point because this was the real Greta Van Fleet. However, all these statements didn’t stop the following similar comments, and many artists shared their ideas about this resemblance. Let’s learn Slash’s reaction to this ongoing argument.

What Did Slash Say About Greta Van Fleet’s Style?

During one of his previous interviews with Rolling Stone, Guns N’ Roses lead guitarist Slash recalled Greta Van Fleet’s opening for GN’R as a part of their Not in This Lifetime Tour, which began on April 1, 2016, in West Hollywood and ended on November 2, 2019, in Las Vegas. He said that it was great to watch a newbie rock band while they were hitting the stage, which was very meaningful for him.

The guitarist revealed that he wished Greta Van Fleet didn’t sound like Led Zeppelin by settling on another musical direction. Still, it didn’t mean that the band didn’t affect rock music. Their way of playing on the stage was a message to other unknown young musicians trying to make their voices heard. Greta Van Fleet can be a great example of achieving success without spending millions of dollars, thanks to their pure talent.

Slash shared his ideas, saying:

“It makes me happy to see it. I wish they didn’t sound so much like Led Zeppelin. However, the idea of four kids getting onstage and just playing their asses off with just a couple amps and a drum kit, and playing their instruments, as opposed to having all this other shit going on, is healthy, and I think that’s inspiring. It makes many kids do the same thing that no one’s ever heard of. It gives them hope to be able to get somewhere.”

In another interview, the Guns N’ Roses guitarist praised the band, saying that new rock and roll bands like Greta Van Fleet were a new chapter in rock music history and legacy. It seems that Slash appreciated the young band members’ passion and never-ending energy that inspired the others, but he wanted them to be unique in their style. Considering the reviews on the second album, Greta Van Fleet started to create their authentic sound.