Greta Van Fleet’s Sam Kiszka Admits Led Zeppelin Comparisons Started To Be An Insult

During his appearance on Guitar World’s recent interview, Greta Van Fleet’s bassist Sam Kiszka has noted that the band being compared to Led Zeppelin started to be used as an insult towards them.

As it is widely known, Greta Van Fleet is subjected to everlasting comparisons to Led Zeppelin. The comparisons have started especially since their single ‘Highway Tune,’ considering the band’s sound and Josh Kiszka’s vocals which resemble Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin singer.

The band members are known to have confirmed the similarities, accepting the influence Led Zeppelin has over Greta Van Fleet. Additionally, Robert Plant is also known to have likened the band’s music to a Led Zeppelin album titled ‘Led Zeppelin I,’ stating that he likes Kiszka’s vocal style which he also thinks resembles his vocals.

Speaking in a Guitar World interview, Greta Van Fleet’s Sam Kiszka spoke of these comparisons. After being asked if the Led Zeppelin comparisons bother the band or if they simply ignore them, he said that the phrase is being used as an insult at some point. He revealed that it didn’t really upset him or the band, but the annoying thing about that was they hear it all the time. Kiszka then admitted it got to a ridiculous point, saying he might be guilty of that too.

The interviewer asked Kiszka that:

“Have the Led Zeppelin comparisons become a pain in the neck, or can you laugh them off and ignore them?”

Kiszka then answered, saying:

“Well, it got to the point where the phrase was, ironically, being used as an insult. It never really upset me. It didn’t really upset any of us. The annoying thing was that we heard it all the time, and it just became obnoxious. I mean, saying that we sound like Led Zeppelin is not a put-down by any means.

It was a strange backlash from the music community, the rock and roll community. I think the real true people who understand the future, and who understand the young generation, were all on board with that.”

He then continued:

“… It just got to a ridiculous point. That’s just what people do. I mean, I’m guilty of it, too. I say this sounds like that.”

Although some might think they use this comparison as an insult towards the band, it is apparently not an insult but praise for the band members. Accordingly, to be compared to a legendary band like Led Zeppelin seems to be a thing to be proud of.