The Led Zeppelin Song Robert Plant Had Trouble Remembering


Artists or bands usually produce numerous works to remain relevant and please their fans. Although they may not choose to perform all of them during their shows, they rehearse many songs to introduce them to the audience. One of the most challenging parts of live performances for the singers is memorizing song lyrics. The bands generally have at least 15 or 20 songs to deliver in a regular concert. So, the singers must learn the lyrics right to perform correctly.

Memorizing lyrics is just part of the job for singers, as it wouldn’t be professional of them just to get up on the stage and read from a music stand. During live performances, they must interact with the audience and move freely around the stage. However, even experienced professionals who have dedicated their lives to singing may sometimes have trouble remembering the lyrics. The iconic frontman Robert Plant also had a Zeppelin song that he had difficulty remembering the verses.

Which Led Zeppelin Song Was Hard For Robert Plant To Sing?


Considering Led Zeppelin’s song arrangements, the band never took a step back from a musical challenge. Along with their three technically skilled musicians and a highly versatile lead singer, it wasn’t that difficult for them to create long and complex structured tracks like ‘Achilles Last Stand,’ ‘Four Sticks,’ ‘The Rain Song,’ and ‘In My Time of Dying.’

Another Led Zeppelin song that stood out with its sophisticated arrangement is ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ released in late 1971 featured in the band’s untitled fourth studio album. The iconic song is composed of many slow and loud parts and doesn’t continue at a steady tempo. The lyrics of the track make things even more complicated. Their meaning has remained a mystery for years because neither Robert Plant nor Jimmy Page gave a clear answer about it. They have generally preferred to leave it open for various interpretations.

In an appearance on the Australian TV program the Project in 2018, Led Zeppelin’s lead singer looked back on his remarkable career with the band and also had something to say about ‘Stairway to Heaven.’ The rocker admitted during the interview that he had difficulty recalling the long and complex lyrics of the hit track in their live shows.

Plant also disclosed that their manager would have the lyrics with him and would come to the front of the stage during the gigs so that he would know which verse comes next. Although it may surprise some, the singer had trouble remembering the lyrics of the band’s probably most well-known song.

Robert Plant said the following about ‘Stairway to Heaven’:

“I know it’s a long song, and I also know that I have a little bit of trouble remembering the lyrics. Our manager, who was quite a formidable personality, he’d come to the front of the stage in the middle of it all, and he’d have the lyrics. It’s funny because I can’t remember what verse goes where.”

You can listen to a live version of Led Zeppelin’s classic song below.