The KISS Video Paul Stanley Regretted Making


Regardless of the time they spent working in the studio and rehearsing them, some musicians hate the musical efforts they produced. They don’t like the outcome, their musical tastes change over the years, or they regret something about the song or its features.

Considering that KISS has a vast music catalog, it’s no surprise they don’t like some of them. In Paul Stanley‘s case, he wasn’t a fan of a music video for a KISS song. Stanley’s distaste and regret were to the extent that he said this music video set a new level of bad taste and judgment.

Which One Of KISS’ Music Videos Did Paul Stanley Call ‘Bad Judgment?’


On November 15, 1988, KISS released their fourth hits album ‘Smashes, Thrashes & Hits.’ It was a compilation album featuring two new compositions, three from their unmasked era and ten released during their years in make-up. The two new songs on the ‘Smashes, Thrashes & Hits’ album were ‘Let’s Put The X In Sex’ and ‘(You Make Me) Rock Hard.’ Produced and co-written by Paul Stanley, these songs received moderate airplay on MTV with their music videos.

In his 2014 book ‘Face The Music: A Life Exposed,’ Stanley revealed his sincere thoughts on the music video for ‘Let’s Put The X In Sex.’ He stated that he didn’t like the models’ appearances in the music video because they resembled the ones from Robert Palmer’s music videos. Stanley believed this had nothing to do with a heavy metal video.

On the other hand, Stanley wasn’t pleased with the outfits he wore in the music video. However, this experience taught him a lesson, and he wrote down what not to do in a music video. Criticizing the outfit he wore during the shot, Stanley described the video ‘as a whole new level of bad taste and judgment,’ highlighting his regret regarding their work.

Stanley wrote the following about ‘Let’s Put The X In Sex’s music video in his book:

“I wore a chainmail tank top and white tights while swinging on a trapeze. I danced around in a corset and licked my fingers while a bunch of emaciated women goose-stepped in the background. In those two shoots, I wrote the textbook on what not to do in a music video. I didn’t walk around on the street in tights with bicycle reflectors sewn on them or body glove tank tops cut off just below my nipples. This was a whole new level of bad taste and judgment. Definitely not my finest moment.”

You can watch the music video for KISS’ ‘Let’s Put The X In Sex’ below.