Ted Nugent Gives A+ To Trump’s Approach To The Coronavirus Crisis

In a 2020 interview with Buck Sexton, Ted Nugent claimed that he highly approves former President Trump‘s way of dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.

As you know, Ted Nugent often makes it to the headlines due to his controversial views rather than his music. The musician does not hesitate to share his conservative political views and much-debated gun ownership and hunting ideas. Moreover, he is a board member of the National Rifle Association and a staunch supporter of the Republican Party.

Nugent is also a strong supporter of former President Donald Trump. He even performed at Trump’s rallies and has visited the White House. He has also made several derogatory statements about Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama. Due to his outspokenness, Nugent often gets into trouble. For instance, he was once investigated by the Secret Service following his remarks on Barack Obama.

Speaking about Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus crisis with Buck Sexton, Ted Nugent claimed that he would give him an A+. He said he appreciates Trump driving idiots crazy and stated that he stands up for the truth. The musician then stressed that the former president is the ‘Lewis and Clark of politics’ with his way of dealing with the pandemic and media.

Ted Nugent told Buck Sexton about Trump’s approach to the pandemic that:

“When I give Trump a rate, I give him an A+. Because if you’re driving such clear and present idiots that crazy, that’s gold in my world. I mean, I do not intentionally drive idiots crazy, but I just stand up for truth logic, common sense, again, the self-evident truth.

You know that I have the right to choose my own religion. I have the right to have privacy in my home. I get to keep and bear arms, not just the king and his henchmen punks. So I give President Trump an A to A+ just for the fact that he is going into uncharted territory. He’s like Lewis and Clark of politics right now with this pandemic and the abuse of the media that the unbridled dishonesty and hate from the left.”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.