The Interview That Yoko Ono Doesn’t Let John Lennon Answer The Questions

Probably the most influential band of all time, the Beatles was formed in 1960. However, in 1970, the band decided to leave the music scene. A decade after, in 1980, the band’s iconic frontman John Lennon was shot and killed by a fan, and George Harrison died of lung cancer in 2001. However, McCartney and Ringo Starr have continued making music as solo musicians.

Back when the band was active, John Lennon was struggling with substance abuse. After the Beatles’ final concert on August 29, 1966, he increased his use of drugs. Besides, he started focusing more on his new girlfriend Yoko Ono than making music with the band. In fact, his attachment towards Ono was to the extent that he wanted her next to him at any time possible.

According to many, Paul McCartney was to blame for the Beatles’ disbandment. However, he implied that John Lennon and his relationship with Yoko Ono was the real reason. He claimed that Lennon focused on his new life with Ono and thus distanced himself from society. As seen in a previous interview, Ono might have really affected Lennon and thus the Beatles. Let’s check out some key moments from the interview.

Yoko Ono Interrupted John Lennon And Answered The Questions For Him

In a past interview on the Mike Douglas show, John Lennon and Yoko Ono answered some questions from the audience. The interview took place after the Beatles’ disbandment, and the fans were quite eager to get some answers from Lennon.

When a fan asked Lennon about his opinions on Paul McCartney and Wings’ 1971 ‘Wind Life’ album, John Lennon started speaking to share his thoughts. However, while he was talking with the fan, Yoko Ono interrupted him and asked the fan if they liked the album.

Then, another fan asked Lennon why he wrote ‘How Do You Sleep,’ featured in the ‘Imagine’ album. Lennon tried to explain, but Ono interrupted him again to say it’s a beautiful song. Lennon then tried to continue, but his efforts were futile as Yoko Ono chimed in even though Lennon hadn’t stopped talking.

Following that, Lennon continued commenting on his relationship with Paul McCartney. While talking about the dinner he had with him last week, Yoko Ono cut him short. She said that they were friends and they were swearing at each other. At that point in the interview, both Ono and Lennon tried to talk simultaneously, and their words overlapped.

Considering this interview, it seems that both John Lennon and Yoko Ono were trying to assert dominance over the conversation. Although Ono might have thought that she could fit in during the show by jumping into the questions, it is safe to say that her behavior was rather inappropriate. 

You can watch that part of the interview below.