The Guitarist That Jimmy Page Described As The Greatest Of All Time


The rivalries and feuds between the musicians are very common, especially when they simultaneously gain mainstream success and popularity. They tend to criticize each other heavily during interviews and even cause scenes when they bump into each other. However, even though it’s pretty rare, some musicians also choose to highlight and praise the talent of their peers.

For instance, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page once talked about his musical inspirations and shared his list of the best guitarists of all time. Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Clarence White, Amos Garett, and Elliot Randall had their spot on Page’s list, but there was one person who had an exceptional place in his heart; Jimi Hendrix. Jimmy Page defined Hendrix as the most talented guitarist of all time.

Jimmy Page Regarded Jimi Hendrix As The Best Guitarist In The World


When asked to list the guitarists he enjoys listening to the most, the Led Zeppelin icon named Jimi Hendrix the greatest guitarist of all time. Also, Page said that he still can’t forget when he missed his chance to meet him. Two legends had never met each other because Hendrix, unfortunately, joined the 27 Club with his early death due to asphyxia on September 18, 1970.

Page refected his thoughts about Hendrix, saying:

We’ve lost the best guitarist any of us ever had, and that was Hendrix.”

It is clear from Page’s statement that Hendrix’s early and unexpected death devastated him as he was looking forward to meeting him and maybe even sharing the stage one day. According to the Led Zeppelin guitarist, the world lost its most talented guitarist, and there won’t be any musician good enough to replace him.

In addition to Jimmy Page’s list of his favorite guitarists, Jimi Hendrix also ranked No. 1 on various magazines and websites such as Louder Sound, Rolling Stone, and many more. So, even though he died forty years ago and didn’t have the chance to make more music, Hendrix was able to preserve his title, ‘the greatest guitarist of all time,’ with the help of his music and unique way of playing guitar.