Perry Farrell Admits Considering Jane’s Addiction A Dead Band

In an interview with A Radio Rock, Jane’s Addiction‘s Perry Farrell talked about getting the chance to take the stage at Lollapalooza this year when in the past, he never imagined there would be this festival or the band as he assumed that by this time everything would have collapsed.

The frontman, who has been doing this for many years now, touring and performing to fans and taking center stage at festivals, didn’t have high hopes during the early days. Farrell never imagined that there would still be a mega festival called Lollapalooza, and there surely wouldn’t be Jane’s Addiction, so to be here many years later and perform at the festival is mind-boggling.

After doing it for this long, Perry keeps going because he has the best job in the world, performing to fans in different parts of the world almost every night. To him, everyone should do what brings them the most joy in life, and for him and his bandmates, it’s to perform their tracks on stage together for fans who are there to have a good old time.

Perry Farrell’s words about thinking the band would come to an end read:

“I personally looked at Lollapalooza and Jane’s Addiction as if they were going to be people or something I knew in the past. You know, I thought it was coming to an end. I didn’t think we would ever play again; I didn’t think there would be a Lollapalooza.”

He added:

“It’s fun; it’s really the best job you can have on the planet. I’m sure, whatever you love to do, and you’re doing it right now, you seem happy, and we’re so happy when we’re doing what we do. And [we love] to bring the music from place to place. Last night we were in Arizona, and in two weeks, we’re going to be in [Brazil], and from there, we’re going to be in Australia, and these are places you want to visit anyways, and you also get to play music. It’s just the best thing we can do, and I think we’re good when we do it together.”

Jane’s Addiction is keeping busy as they not only played Lollapalooza in Brazil this past weekend, but they are currently in Australia and have seven concert dates lined up in April. If you want to catch them on a stage, Australia is the place to be!