Sebastian Bach On The Challenges Of Singing Rik Emmett’s Parts In Triumph Tribute Album

Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach recently joined a conversation with Eddie Trunk and talked about the hardships he faced while singing Rik Emmett‘s parts in the tribute album of Triumph.

Triumph gained recognition as a live band during the ’70s and the ’80s. Rik Emmett, Mike Levine, and Gil Moore created the first nine albums. After it succeeded with cover songs like ‘Rocky Mountain Way,’ the group made many significant pieces such as ‘Lay It on the Line’ and ‘Fight the Good Fight.’

The group’s most recent album was ‘Edge of Excess’ released in 1992. Later on, the original line-up members reunited for the live performances at Sweden Rock Festival in 2008 and Toronto in 2019. Then the band announced in 2021 that they would release a tribute album in the future.

The bassist Mike Levine revealed that they were working with the producer Mike Clink on this album. As Levine previously mentioned, the audience would hear many impactful names from the rock scene in this album. One of the names from the upcoming record recently revealed himself during an interview.

In a recent conversation, Sebastian Bach stated he was offended when it was said on Eddie’s show that no one could sing Rik Emmett’s parts. Bach revealed that he sang a Rik Emmett intro continuing with Gil Moore for Triumph’s tribute album.

Sebastian Bach said:

“As you guys know, I’m an avid listener to Eddie’s show, and you drive me crazy when you’re like, ‘Nobody can sing the Rik Emmett stuff.’ I sing a song on the Triumph’s tribute that is an intro by Rik Emmett, and the rest of the song is Gil Moore. I sing both.”

The producer Mike Clink was trying to find someone to sing Rik Emmett’s parts because everybody was willing to take Gil Moore’s parts, which were easier to sing. Bach explained that Mike Clink wanted him to learn and sing ‘Fight the Good Fight.’ Although the vocalist recorded the song, he faced hardships while singing the other Emmett pieces and only wanted to sing ‘Fight the Good Fight.’

Bach continued:

“It was weird because when we started to this record, he wanted me to do ‘Fight the Good Fight,’ and I learned it. I got it. But then when I recorded right, he wanted me to do some other songs, and I kept saying, ‘Dude, if you want me to do ‘Fight the Good Fight,’ I’ll do it.”

The band has been working with many impactful musicians for its tribute album. Sebastian Bach revealed that he was among these names. Bach pointed out that he sang Emmett’s vocal parts, which almost nobody was willing to take as they are tough to sing. The vocalist stated that he recorded ‘Fight the Good Fight’ properly; however, he faced hardships in the other songs.