Michael Jackson’s Son Prince Admits That He Put His Life In Danger Every Day And Explains Why

Michael Jackson’s son Prince Jackson took his official Instagram account to share a cool-looking picture of himself and criticized for putting himself in danger.

In the picture, you can see that Prince was rising his motorbike with his crew, and looking so cool at the same time. However, he wasn’t wearing any gear to protect himself at all.

While Prince was saying that wearing gear makes it harder to ride a motorbike, he also admitted that he put his life in danger by not wearing any helmets or wearing any protection.

Although Prince knew the risk of not wearing any gear, he explained why it was okay for him. According to Prince, he was riding so slow and the weather was too hot to wear a helmet.

Here is what Prince Jackson said:

Not gonna lie riding without gear simplifies the riding process, but I’d rather take lane splitting over no helmet laws any day.

Before anyone says anything in the comments; yes I know that’s dangerous and yes I took the risk but bear with me y’all it was hot as sh*t and I wasn’t goin fast.”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Prince Jackson – Instagram