Wolfgang Van Halen Reveals The Only Thing Eddie Van Halen Forced Him To Do

During a recent interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, Wolfgang Van Halen shed light on Eddie Van Halen‘s true impact on his career and revealed one thing that his father did insist he does.

Wolfgang is currently gearing up for the release of his second album, ‘Mammoth II.‘ Speaking to Lowe, he confessed his deep regret that he couldn’t share this work with his father. He said with certainty that he knew Eddie would love this album as he was proud of everything he did on the first Mammoth WVH album.

In the course of the conversation, Wolfgang fondly remembered the time when Eddie prompted him to try something musical. According to Wolf, his father wanted to see if he could play the drumbeat to AC/DC’s ‘Highway To Hell.‘ Eddie laid a couple of magazines on a table, showed him what to do with his hands and foot, and watched as Wolfgang gave it a shot.

As Wolfgang recalls, Eddie was thrilled to see that his son could do it, and as a result, he gifted him a drum kit on his ninth birthday. Wolf stressed that this was the only instance where his father pushed him towards music; the rest of his journey has been self-directed.

Here is what Wolfgang said about ‘Mammoth II’:

“I know my dad would be super proud; he was so proud of everything on the first album. And I guess the thing I’m most bummed out about is that I know that Dad would love this album. I wish I could show it to him.

He continued:

“If there was one thing my dad forced me to do, and it wasn’t even forcing, he just wanted to see if I could, is he put a couple of magazines on a table and he was like, ‘Do this with one hand, do this with another, and if you do that and you add your foot, you’re playing ‘Highway To Hell’ by AC/DC.’

And when he saw that I could do that, he was like, ‘Yes!’ And for my ninth birthday, he got me a drum kit. And that was really all he ever did in terms of pushing me. I followed the path myself.”

Wolfgang Van Halen fondly remembers his father’s encouragement, but his story is one of self-discovery and personal growth. His work with Mammoth WVH is proof of this, and fans eagerly await the release of his second album ‘Mammoth II.’ Until then, they can savor the recently released single ‘Like A Pastime,‘ another step forward in Wolfgang’s journey.