Roger Waters Stresses The Severity Of Contemporary Issues


T&H Inspiration recently shared a video on YouTube in which Pink Floyd icon Roger Waters warns his fans about the dividing policies of governments. Furthermore, the rocker encouraged his viewers to take control into their hands as the ruling class has been negatively affecting human lives, the ecosystem, and the earth in general.

Aside from his career as a rockstar, Roger Waters has also been an outspoken activist for the past 57 years. The rocker frequently expresses his support for the Palestinians, lawyer Steven Donziger, and many more. Since he’s a firm believer in freedom of speech and spreading the truth, Waters often discusses these matters during interviews.

Recently, T&H Inspiration, a YouTube channel dedicated to creating thought-provoking content, shared a video of Roger Waters. The video can be described as the musician’s wake-up call for all of his fans and viewers to stand up against the system that harms people, nature, and animals to make money.

In the nine-minute video, there’s a compilation of Roger Waters’ previous interviews related to important causes such as racism, equality, democracy, imperialism, and more. In a nutshell, Waters suggests that people have been divided and convinced that we all are different. Furthermore, the musician argues that everyone should be aware that nearly none of the wars are related to protecting borders but are about money.

In the video, Waters said:

The ruling class are murdering you. Not slowly, they’ve got their hands around your throats, and you’re just passing out. They are destroying the earth and everything that lives on it. This is not a drill, it’s happening and it’s happening now. Why don’t we just stop them? Why don’t we get tough? Take to the streets in millions say, ‘Enough is enough.'”

You can watch the entire video below.