The Guitarist Angus Young Picks Over Jimmy Page And Jeff Beck

Angus Young is an iconic musician and guitarist who is best known for his music career in AC/DC as the band’s lead guitarist, songwriter, co-founder, and the only remaining original member. Apart from that, he is famous for his iconic schoolboy-uniform stage outfit, duckwalk, and energetic performances during which he jumps around the stage.

Back when he was a kid, music was a part of Young’s family as all of his siblings were passionate about music. He got interested in playing the guitar around the age of six and learned to play the instrument by himself. In the following years, Young practiced the guitar in his bedroom after school and bought his own first Gibson around 1970 with a pay packet.

At the time when he took interest in playing guitar, Young was listening to Little Richard. According to the musician, his other influences include his brother Malcolm Young, Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, Pete Townshend, John Lee Hooker, Keith Richards, and Jimi Hendrix. Moreover, there was one guitarist who he would choose over Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck. Let’s learn who that guitarist was.

Angus Young Argued Jimi Hendrix Is On Another Level With His Guitar Playing

In an interview with Germany’s Guitar Magazin, Angus Young remembered the time when he first began playing guitar. He stated that he focused on playing the instrument back when he was around 12 years old. Moreover, he stated that Jimi Hendrix emerged in the music scene when he was 13 or 14. According to the guitarist, he felt enthralled when he first heard Hendrix’s ‘Purple Haze.’

Moreover, Angus Young stated that he and his brother Malcolm went to see other bands such as The Yardbirds when they came to Australia. He then said that they had a chance to watch Jeff Beck, and after his departure, Jimmy Page play with the band. Young stated that their sound was really good, but considering Hendrix’s guitar playing, it was another level on guitar. The musician then added that he was a big fan of Hendrix’s playing.

During the conversation with Guitar Magazin, Angus Young said the following about Jimi Hendrix:

“I could play guitar a little bit, but I really got focused on it around the years when I was about 12 into my teenage years. I started to focus more on it. And around when I was about 13-14, that’s when Jimi Hendrix appeared on the horizon.

When I first heard the song ‘Purple Haze,’ I was totally enthralled. ‘How’s he doing that?’ I was just so impressed with it. Plus, Malcolm, my brother, there were a few shows we had also seen.”

He then continued:

“We had gone, the two of us together, and we had seen people like the band The Yardbirds – they had come to Australia. And at the time, the lineup had just changed. I think they originally used to have Jeff Beck. But then, later on, when we saw them, they didn’t have Jeff Beck – they had Jimmy Page on guitar.

So that was good, because at that time, that kind of sound, especially for guitar, it jumped out at you, the sound of it. So that was really good. But then when along came Hendrix, you kind of went, ‘Woah! This is another level on guitar.’ So I was very much a fan of that.”

You can watch the whole interview below.