The Go Go’s Charlotte Caffey Decides To Sell Her Music Catalog

In recent music news, Charlotte Caffey, a key member of the Go-Go’s, has opted to sell her music catalog. As reported by Variety, Seeker Music has purchased the rights to Caffey’s body of work. Charlotte gave insight into her decision and feelings about this significant move.

Caffey isn’t alone in deciding to sell her music catalog. This move has been a growing trend among musicians, especially amid the uncertainties triggered by the recent pandemic. Notable artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Alice In Chains, Mötley Crüe, David Crosby, and even the band Yes, have all taken similar steps.

The decision to sell her music catalog is a significant one for Caffey. Although the details of the deal haven’t been disclosed, considering the previous deals that have secured artists like Genesis and Sting millions of dollars, it’s safe to assume that Caffey also received a good sum for her years of work.

She expressed her feelings about her decision to sell to Seeker Music as more than a business deal. Her instant connection with CEO Evan Bogart regarding their mutual love and respect for songwriters and songwriting and his understanding that this is a personal step for the musician made the transaction much more comforting. As for the price of the deal, there hasn’t been any official statement yet.

Charlotte Caffey’s words about selling her music catalog to Seeker Music read:

“I instantly connected with Evan on our love of songwriters and songwriting. He also understands that although this is a business deal, it is extremely personal at the same time. I am very happy to be part of the Seeker family.”

Charlotte’s decision to sell her music catalog is pivotal in her successful career as it was for the numerous artists who chose to sell theirs. It’s a move that demonstrates the enduring value of her music and the importance of personal connection and mutual understanding in business transactions on this new journey with Seeker Music.