Sting Sells His Songwriting Catalog Of The Police Hits And Solo Work For Reported $300 Million

Award-winner musician Sting recently announced that he decided to sell all of his songwriting catalog, including his solo work and The Police songs, for an estimated $300 million.

Ever since the global pandemic began to take over several business fields and force people to work remotely, it also highly impacted the music industry. Many musicians couldn’t embark on tours or perform live in venues. Due to that, their financial income decreased significantly, and they found out that it’s best to sell their music catalogs.

Among the most prolific musicians in the industry, Bob Dylan sold his entire catalog to Universal for around $300 million in December 2020. In addition to Dylan, Bruce Springsteen made a $500 million deal to sell his own, and ZZ Top, Mötley Crüe, David Bowie, and David Crosby also sold the rights of their works.

The Police’s Sting recently joined those musicians, selling his catalog to Universal Music for a reported $300 million. His catalog includes hits like ‘Message In A Bottle,’ ‘Every Breath You Take,’ ‘Shape Of My Heart,’ ‘Desert Rose,’ and ‘Roxanne,’ and countless songs he wrote for his solo career and The Police.

About this decision, Sting recently told AP News that he is grateful that Universal Music now curates and manages his song catalog as his music has a place where it’s valued and respected, and they will be introduced to new audiences, musicians, and generations. According to Sting, this decision felt natural as he had a long and successful partnership with UMG.

As reported by AP News, Sting said about selling his music catalog to Universal Music the following:

“I am delighted to have Jody and the team at UMPG curate and manage my song catalog. It is absolutely essential to me that my career’s body of work has a home where it is valued and respected – not only to connect with longtime fans in new ways but also to introduce my songs to new audiences, musicians, and generations.

Throughout my career, I have enjoyed a long and successful relationship with UMG as my label partner, under the watchful guidance of Lucian, so it felt natural to unite everything in one trusted home as I return to the studio, ready for the next chapter.”

Sting, a musician who has received 17 Grammy Awards, has a prolific music career spanning over five decades. One of the most commercially successful songwriters of all time, Sting has been working with UMG as his label partner during his entire career. As it seems, the musician expects that this decision will expand his audience reach and strengthen his influence.