Dave Wyndorf Details Axl Rose’s Transformation From The Best Frontman To The Worst

Axl Rose has been a highly influential frontman with his unique performing skills and distinctive and powerful, wide-ranging voice. Rose has mesmerized thousands of rock music fans throughout his career with his musicianship. Although the GN’R icon has been noted among the greatest frontmen of rock by various sources, there are some who are in doubt of his musical talent. In a recent interview with Appetite for Distortion, Monster Magnet’s Dave Wyndorf talked about Axl Rose and claimed he evolved from the best frontman to the worst.

“Axl Rose was just off the charts, one of the best frontmen I’ve ever seen,” Wyndorf said, starting his words by praising Rose. “And then he became the worst frontman I ever saw really quickly. He was absolutely amazing, and they were going for it. They were nowhere, they were starting to come up, and it changed everything. Suddenly, every band in New York started getting tattoos and wearing bandanas again. It was like going back to like 1972. All of a sudden, everything rolled back and looked like it was 1970 and the 1972 Stones.”

“It was like they weren’t ravaged by drugs yet,” Dave Wyndorf continued. “That’s what f*cked those guys up because I saw them a couple of years later, and they sucked. They just sucked.” Appetite For Destruction’s Brando then asked the musician what he exactly meant when he called Rose the worst frontman. “Awful, terrible,” said Wyndorf, and recalled the time he saw Axl on stage in Los Angeles.

“I saw them in L.A.,” Wyndorf added, revealing why he changed his opinions on Axl Rose’s being an incredible frontman. “He [Axl Rose] would stop every song and talk. It was just like all this bullsh*t; you know what I mean? [mocks Axl Rose’s talking] The crowd hated it. They were saying, ‘Shut up, already.’ People screamed, ‘Shut up. Just shut up and play the song.’ He was out of control, and the guys just weren’t playing as well. It just wasn’t the same thing.”

So, Dave Wyndolf argued that Axl Rose started his career with GNR as the best frontman in the scene with his iconic look and musicianship. He stated that Rose influenced many with his style and singing throughout the years but lost his charisma when he began using substances. According to Wyndolf, Rose got on the stage under the effect of substances and acted out of control, and even GNR fans weren’t pleased with this. So, the musician believes Axl Rose isn’t the same frontman he was.

You can watch the rest of the interview below.