Paul Stanley Admits Gene Simmons Was The Better Choice To Sing KISS’ ‘God Of Thunder’

KISS’ Paul Stanley recently joined an interview with the Rock Candy magazine during which he opened up about Gene Simmons taking his vocal parts in ‘God Of Thunder.’ Stanley recalled feeling ‘devastated’ giving the song to Gene at first, however, his thoughts changed after hearing The Demon’s performance.

Following the success of the 1975 ‘Alive!’ album which brought KISS a major breakthrough, the band partnered with the producer Bob Ezrin. With Ezrin, they released the album ‘Destroyer’ on March 15, 1976. The album was the band’s most ambitious studio album as well as a departure from the raw sound of the previous studio albums.

Although it was sold well at the time of the release and became KISS’ second Gold album, ‘Destroyer’ rapidly lost its chart success. However, the album has received recognition in later years and became considered among the greatest heavy metal albums of all time. It also featured one song, ‘God Of Thunder,’ which became Simmons’ signature song.

‘God Of Thunder’ has been featured on many of KISS’ live albums apart from ‘Destroyer.’ During the recording of the song, the band used various sound effects including explosions, screaming children, or clapping. Although Paul Stanley wrote it and intended to sing it, producer Bob Ezrin thought it would be best to hand the lead vocals over to Gene Simmons.

In an interview by Rock Candy magazine, Paul Stanley commented on the song ‘God Of Thunder.’ Stanley recalled the time he played the song, and Ezrin told him that was more suitable for Gene. Paul stated that Ezrin’s decision was crushing and devastating for him at first since it was a difficult thing to accept.

Later on, Stanley admitted that Bob Ezrin’s decision to give the lead vocals to Simmons turned out to be the right onw since Simmons did a great job singing the song. Moreover, Paul admitted that it would never have been as great a song if he’d sung it. According to Stanley, at least he was the one who wrote Simmons’ signature song.

In Rock Candy magazine’s interview, Paul Stanley said about ‘God Of Thunder’ the following:

“Let’s put it mildly. It was crushing and devastating. We’d understood and agreed that the role of the producer on ‘Destroyer’ was to have the final say and make decisions. When I played ‘God Of Thunder’, Bob immediately said, ‘Oh, that’s great. That’s for Gene.’ I was just devastated. The idea of a song so quickly being passed off from me to someone else… It was difficult, and it remained a sore point, even when I heard it finished.”

He then continued:

“It’s so much a Gene song. It’s truly a highlight of who Gene is, and it would never have been as great a song if I’d sung it. Never. Bob was right and Gene did a great job. And at least I have the satisfaction and the joy of knowing that the song that personifies Gene is mine.”

Below, you can listen to KISS’ ‘God Of Thunder.’