Paul Stanley Shares His Reaction To Being Replaced By Gene Simmons

KISS guitarist and singer Paul Stanley spoke in a recent interview with Louder Sound and talked about the time when Gene Simmons replaced him in vocals.

Unlike any other rock & metal band, KISS has been sharing the lead vocals among the other band members. Formed in 1973, the band’s original lineup consists of Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss. Throughout their career, all of the four contributed to the band’s vocals on occasion.

Back in 1976, KISS released ‘God Of Thunder’ single from their fourth studio album, ‘Destroyer,’ and the band’s iconic bassist Gene Simmons sang the song even though it was first planned for Paul Stanley. This decision was made by the producer Bob Ezrin, and he suggested Stanley hand the lead vocals over to Simmons.

In an interview by Louder Sound, Paul Stanley recalled the time when he handed the lead vocals to Simmons. During the conversation, Stanley pointed out that he was shocked about this decision. He then stated that he didn’t believe when the producer asked him that Gene should take the vocals for ‘God Of Thunder.’ It appears that although he didn’t understand the logic at that time, he now believes that it was the right thing to do.

Paul Stanley shared his reaction when he heard about Gene will be singing the song:

“When Bob said that Gene should take the lead vocal, I just couldn’t believe it. The thing about working with a real producer; he can keep the band focussed by assuming control, and that’s generally a good thing… apart from when he disagrees with me.

Of course, it was absolutely the right call, but it was hard for me to appreciate the logic at the time. I was speechless.”

Below, you can listen to ‘God Of Thunder’ which is now considered Gene Simmons’ theme song.