The Epiphany That Helped Steven Tyler Create Aerosmith’s Sound

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is praised explicitly for the remarkable vocal performances that got him the title of the Demon of Screamin’. Although the musician is widely recognized for his high screams and wide vocal range, there’s something special behind his vocals, besides his powerful voice.

The secret ingredient to the band’s cohesive sound lies within the partnership of Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. The toxic twins create a harmonious sound that characterizes the band, but they also form the essence of Tyler’s vocal style. We’ll break down the singer’s statement about their one-of-a-kind communication to find out the details.

Joe Perry influenced Steven Tyler

During an interview with Joe Rogan, Steven Tyler reflected on finding Aerosmith’s sound, which brought him to the story behind one of their songs entitled ‘Movin’ Out.’ The track has various unique aspects as it was the first created by the songwriting partnership of Tyler and Perry, and it’s often introduced during live shows as ‘the first real Aerosmith song.’

Tyler recalled writing and recording the song on a water bed at the band’s apartment. The frontman especially pointed out that ‘Movin’ Out’ was built on a guitar lick played by Perry. Steven Tyler said his bandmate talked to him through his guitar, which encouraged him to sound more like the lick itself. As a result, the duo came up with the song, which created their cohesive sound.

About the band’s sound, Tyler said:

“Here’s what I want to sound like; I want to sound more like Joe Perry’s playing. I kind of went there when we wrote a song on a water bed. Joe Perry and I were sitting around smoking a big fatty. Mark Laymen was there, and he was our road manager. Joe started playing the guitar, I’m looking at him, and that was the sentence.

He spoke to me, and I said, ‘We all live on the edge of town/Where we all live, ain’t a soul around/People startin’ comin’/All we do is just a-grin/Said we’ve got to move out/’Cause the city’s moving in.’ Do you know what I’m saying? He spoke to me, I answered.”

You can watch the interview and listen to ‘Movin’ Out’ below.