Sammy Hagar Accuses David Lee Roth Of Being Fraud

Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar opened up about his opinions on the other former Van Halen frontman, David Lee Roth, during a recent interview with Inside With Paulo Baron and revealed that Roth is the worst guy to be around since he’s pretending to be somebody else and putting on a mask when everybody is around.

As many of you know, the bad blood between two former Van Halen vocalists doesn’t seem to come to an end any time soon since they both have an obvious vendetta with each other mainly because of their personalities that don’t match as well as their musical competition that gets compared by their mutual band with whom Sammy Hagar worked more than a decade and David Lee Roth worked more than two decades and both of them are legendary vocalists according to fans.

Despite the fact that many Van Halen fans would love to see both frontmen getting along instead of an apparent rivalry over their tenure with the band, both Hagar and Roth have been making unpleasant comments about each other whenever the subject pops up during interviews. The two even presented an award in the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards which was incredibly cringy to watch due to the tension between Hagar and Roth which is visible even to this day through their statements about each other.

During a recent interview, Sammy Hagar opened up about his feelings towards David Lee Roth. It’s fair to say he doesn’t particularly enjoy former Van Halen frontman’s personality since according to Hagar, Roth is a fraud who’s pretending to be somebody else all the time. If you ask Sammy, David is planning his image and playing his role whenever he’s around other people which made him dishonest about his persona to which he gave a chance while touring, however, ended up feeling disappointed once again.

In his own words, Sammy Hagar’s statement follows:

“Well, the first thing I’d say is I look at him and I think, ‘Wow. He’s a strange person. He’s a strange character…’ He’s not what he’s saying he is – he’s pretending. He’s totally bullshit. Everything he does is thought up and it’s an image. It’s nothing to do with who he is – he’s not exposing who and what he is. And I know this for a fact.

I knew that the first time I saw him. I said, ‘This guy, he’s putting on an image, putting on a show.’ He goes back home and goes in his house, and he’s a whole different guy, nothing to do with that guy. He’s not honest about his image and his performance. That’s what I see when I see him – that’s how I feel. But I tried to be friends.

When we did the tour, I thought it was gonna be so much fun. I thought, ‘If he’s anything like he claims to be, we’re gonna have a good time.’ But he wasn’t. He was the worst guy to be around. He wasn’t ever around. He hides out. You never see him. He puts on this whole big front and comes out, ‘I’m here. David Lee Roth is here,’ and then he goes and hides again.”

On top of this, Sammy Hagar stated that David must be so unhappy now that he doesn’t have a family, somebody to count on, or any children to share his love with. In addition to this, he hasn’t aged well, according to Hagar, which caused his voice to be damaged. Despite stating that Roth is important to the Van Halen legacy regardless of his personality, Sammy didn’t forget to mention once again that DLR is an ‘asshole’ and ‘full of shit.’

During the interview, Hagar said:

“I don’t think he’s happy. He’s never been married, never had a relationship, never had children… It’s, like, ‘Man, how do you live like that?’ I don’t know… I’m a family man. And I love women – I love women and children… He hasn’t aged well – his voice. I don’t know. It’s hard…

I used to not wanna cause trouble. First, in the old days, before I was in Van Halen, I ripped him through the fucking coals when I did the press – before I ever was in that band. And then when I joined the band, I tried to be nice. And then when I left the band, I tried to be nice to him. And then we did our tour together, and then I fucking said, ‘Fuck this guy. He’s an asshole. You can’t get along with him. He’s no fun. He’s full of shit.’

And then now, after Eddie’s death, I feel, once again, he’s part of the Van Halen legacy and he’s important. So I wouldn’t wanna ruin anything to do with what he brought to that legacy. I want Van Halen to go down as one of the greatest rock bands of all time – but not just mine but Dave’s era. I want Eddie to be the legend and get the respect that he deserves, and the only way to preserve that is by being kind about the past.”

You can watch the whole interview below.